Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 Today is extremely hot,and when I said hot I meant HOT!!!  The kind of hot as in bake your brains, cook you like a turkey, and melt you like a popsicle. It is hot enough to make metal burn a hole in your hand.It is hot enough to make oven heat feel like a match(not really).So that is what it feels like today.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

chicken death

One of my chickens was killed.  Here is the story.  My mom had a person come out to fix our dogs invisible fence. The person also brought their dog. So my siblings and I were in my hammock and we hear a bock (chickens say "bock-bock"). We turn around and my chicken is dead and the dog is standing over it.

I get up, grab my boots and start hitting the dog with them.  Every time the dog went for the chicken I hit it with my boots. After that every one except my sister (the oldest one) was crying. 

After I got the dog (Anika) off my (now dead) chicken, I went to find Mom.  My siblings beat me there.  My sister told Mom what happened because she was the only one who could talk.  Andie was crying hysterically because she thought the dog killed Belle (the chicken she named).  Cole was bawling because the chicken was dead.  I was crying for the same reason Cole was. 

So, then the person fixing the invisible fence went to get her dog.  We couldn't see her with the dog but we heard some loud whimpers.  We then got a discount on the fence repair.

Cole and Andie cried for almost an hour.  I got two one day old chickens later on that day.

So that is the chicken story.