Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CHICKEN SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my dad, mom, and one of my sisters and my brother killed most of my roosters.  They even killed chubby.  I said SHE was a GIRL but my mom said she was a rooster so she is in the freezer with her rooster rooster friends.  Me and my other sister wanted to have no part of it.  We were upstairs on computers.  My 4 year old brother comes in the house later and says, "Mom and Dad say you have to come watch." I said "No they didn`t." then I went back to the computer.  Later he comes up and asks if me and my sister want to see his "wing", we said "No." Then he asked if we anted to see his "feather."  Unfortunately, we said "Yes".  So he goes downstairs and comes back up with a wing.  I told him to put it back out side.  When the chicken slaughter was over my mom came back with pictures.  Here are the pictures.
                                                    WARNING: Contains graphic material.
                                                                Viewer digression is advised
This is dad's hand.  It looks like blood is sticky and feathers stick. 

This is Pat, Poopy, and Gizmo.  A few minutes after their heads were chopped off. 

Here's the order of death:
1.  Remove head
2.  Remove feet & wings
3.  Hang bird by neck & pull the skin off (the feathers come off with it like you are taking off it's underware)
4.  Rinse, bag, freeze
5.  Enjoy.

This is Dad chopping off the wing with the hatchet.

Here's Cole holding the wing that was just chopped off.


 Feathers stick to knives too.
A blood covered chicken.

Two chickens hanging by their feet... without heads.

This rooster is almost complete. Head is off, wings are off, feathers & skin are off.  Dad is making a cut so he can pull out the guts.  Then it will get washed & put in a ziplock bag.

I am glad I was not part of the chicken slaughter.

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