Thursday, May 23, 2013


Well.  I have very strange chickens.  We had a strange egg situation.  If you want to see the pics of it, here they are.
See any difference?  The little egg on the left is the size of a quarter!
I have no idea who laid it.  I thought maybe a baby but probably not.
Maybe the hen pushed it out to soon?

Notice the difference?
Kind of obvious.
The one on the right is tiny.

Told you it was the size of a quarter.
How about that for breakfast.
Not much of a feast there.

This is a normal egg.
This is what all you people eat.
Unless I sell you eggs.
Then you eat meat spots and baby embryos.

This is the half-dollar egg.
The second smallest.

This is the "weencie" one.
The one that was the size of a quarter.
My little brother came up with weencie.
Happy egging,
Tomorrow we are going to Fripp.


Hi My mom likes flowers. These pictures are for Mimi.

The garden.


The chickens came to visit my mom while she was taking pictures of the garden.

and they chased her back to the house.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Well.  Buff is broody.  That means she sits on eggs all day and pecks you if you try to take them out from under her.  Makes collecing eggs a sporting event.  Spark and Polly gave up on that a week or two ago.  Buff still comes out to feed though.  Some of the babies are starting to understand "chick- chick". 

"Chick - Chick" is how I call the chickens whenever I feed them.  When they hear me - they usually come running/ flying/ flapping.  The babies don't really come though.  I think that is because they know he big ones are mean.  We lost Crow.  Crow was my sisters jersey giant baby.  The dog played with her to death.

 My babies are Gandalf, who I think is a silver laced Wyandotte.  Tiny the Jersey giant.  Pollux the feather footed chicken with the torn up back.  Invisible under his wings.  And Castor the yellow chick.  Willie is doing good. He isn't so wimpy an more.  But he's still not at the top of the pecking order.  But he sure is pretty.

The silver laced Wyandottes are my friendliest chickens.
Don't ask me why.
They just are.

School is out

We are done with school.  Today all I have to do for school is read, blog, and guitar.  Big fun.  I lost my i pod but my dad had one come through the pawn shop.  So he bought it for me and gave it to me for helping him with the mowing.  Boy am I glad.  In time for Fripp island too.  So now I need music and videos. 

For my birthday I got a Carrera RC jeep with a 2.5 kg. towing capacity wench.  It's a big jeep about the size of my brothers torso.  It's a remote control vehicle.   This thing is fast!  It can go up to 13 mph.  It can even go in gravel, dirt, and thin glass.  What else is going on?  The cow barn got painted I need pictures of that. And the run-in is painted too.  I'll be sure to get you some pictures.   We are still a ways from being ready for our cow but we are getting closer.


cow barn

 The cow barn is up.  Shelby loves it.  She is even going to pay to have the loft carpeted.  Yesterday mom, dad, and more went to Lowes to get sink and other things needed to finish the barn.  I had to mow.  Again. 

My least favorite thing about mowing is you have to do it every week.  That means I have to mow the peach field and cow pasture and septic field every week.  My dad helps though.  And for that I am grateful.  We haven't had a lot going on.  New song graduation is soon. The day after that we are going to Fripp island with friends.  Fripp.  Fripp sounds like a cuss word doesn't it?  Like,"aw fripp."  Weird.  It's a good substitute right?  Here are pics of the barn.

This is the unfinished, unpainted barn.

More barn.

And more barn.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cells n' stuff

I am now going to give you my opinion on cells.  You're probably like, "Great he's going to blah blah blah this and that and....."  Wrong.  This is my opinion.  "I can't see them, I don't care about them, therefore they do not exist in my world."  I wish I could tell my science book "I DON'T CARE!!!!!!"

The cow barn is going up today.  This morning it was a pad of cement.  I wonder what it will look like tonight?

I finished math for the year.  Hooray!

I'm 13 now.  If you make ANY smart remarks I am never speaking to you again.  You should have been at church last week.  Apparently teenagers are dumb.  It was not nice.  Sheesh.  That made me feel warm and cozy.

I hate aging.

I can read a 300 and something page book in like 13 hours.  When I told my mom she asked me how late I stayed up that night.  I didn't really answer.  11:00.  Not to bad right?  Right?  Never mind.


ho hum

Well......  Um.....  We moved the baby chickens into the coop.  They had no Idea where the door was so I had to go in the coop and pitch them out the chicken door.  They all went into a nesting box in the corner.  The nesting box was already inhabited by a broody hen.  Boy did she ever get stepped on.  It took me a while to figure out she was in there.  She was buried under 12 baby chickens.  Every once in a while she would peck a baby and it would scream and run out of the nesting box.  So now they are out and happy.

I mowed some of the peach grove yesterday.  And some of  the septic field.  But my mower needs a new air filter for the carburetor.  I used to like mowing.  Not any more.

One day the cats dropped off a mouse head in the garage.  When I imitated it and did a dead mouse face mom thought it was really funny and started having my siblings do it.  I have pictures of it.  Mine will not be on here.  I refuse to have it on the Internet.
Dead Mouse (without a body)

Dead mouse face.

Dead mouse.
Notice the organs in the corner?

Dead mouse face.
Or is he asleep?
I don't know.