Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Eight days until Christmas!  This year is going by really fast!  Super fast!  Too fast.  But let's not forget what Christmas is about.  Jesus' birth.  Sometimes we get all caught up in the season and forget what it is really about.  So let's try to remember that it's not about the presents.  It's about Jesus....and Garfield strips.  You know?  The Christmas ones?  Those are my favorite kind.  Ok I got a little off subject there.  Just think.  You want Christmas to get here and then, boom, it's over.  So savor it while you can.


I ate a train..... sort of.

Mom thought this was funny.  I thought it hurt.  Here's how it began.

The other night I was laying in bed eating an apple and listening to a CD.  (Yes this is a true story.)  The next thing I knew I ate a train.  Apparently I had fallen a sleep and had a pretty crazy dream.  So I ate a train and woke up around 6:30am, with the worst stomach ache ever.  It felt like my insides were eating themselves while parasites ate my insides while someone was punching me in the stomach.  Ouch.  So I laid there trying to survive.  Eventually it died down and I got a drink of water.  The water made me want to barf.  So I laid down on the floor of my room.  I heard Dad downstairs and went to see if he could help.  He gave me 2 Rolaids.  I still wanted to barf.  Then I asked mom.  I got to stay in my room all day.  Big fun.  And by last night I was 100% better.  Really.  Ask my Mom.

On another note,
Here is my deer story.

Dad and I were sitting in a deer stand when he saw a deer.  Then another one came in behind it.  Then another!  I couldn't stop shaking!  One of them saw us and was staring at us.  Dad said to go ahead and take a shot at one of the deer.  I hit one and destroyed it's shoulder!  It ran off.  The other two were still there!  I shot the other!  It took off running.  I could have killed the third one, but Dad said no.  When we found the first one I had to shoot it in the neck.  The other was already dead.  And guess what. I killed a mom and one of her Children again!  Cool right?  Oh yeah.  Dad said I have to gut the next one.  Oh boy.


CHristmas! again......

I think I will be doing a lot of posts called Christmas for the next 15 days.  Oh and as of 12/10/2013 it is 15 days until Christmas! Yay!  Oh yes, and my sister turned 12 yesterday.  Happy birthday to her!  Not much to do now accept bake the cookies and wait for "Santa".  Anyways, really exciting!  We got tons of snow over the past few days.  Today even!  I'd say we got about six inches.  We have been doing lots of sleigh riding and 4-wheeler dragging.  That is when we hook up a sled to the 4-wheeler and pull the victim on the sled around the property.  You should have seen my sister yesterday!  I should have taken pictures.  Hmm.

That's all for now,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Well I got all the Christmas shopping done.  It was fun.  Kind of stinks I am done.  But I can't wait until Christmas so I can give the gifts away.  That is the best part.

The very first picture on my blog.
Been a while hasn't it.
The first chickens.
Oh how I hated them.
Every night we had to throw things at them to get them out of the trees.
Then we corralled them into the coop.
We had to do this because they were scared of the coop.
Death by raccoon.


Well.  I already finished my Christmas shopping.  Yeah.  It was pretty darn expensive.  But I got it done.  Now I just need to wrap it all. I also need wrapping paper.  Ugh.  But when mom goes to the dollar store we can get some. So much fun!  I love helping mom wrap presents.  The hardest part is waiting until Christmas to give it away!  Try this. The day this was typed 12/3/2013 is the correct data for this equation. Blink your eyes 362800 times and it will be Christmas.  Seriously do the math.  I did it.  With a computer.

Merry Christmas,


Deer season ended.  Sunday was the last day.  Dad and I went out on Sunday night.  It was cold. Very cold.  Then it happened.  Dad saw a deer. I couldn't see it but I could hear it.  Then I saw it.  We watched it and another one came in behind it.  Then another one! 

Three deer headed for the feeder.  The first and third ones started eating.  The second stood there and watched me and dad.  The second one, lets call it Sam.  Sam, kept watching us.  Dad said go ahead and get into position.  So very slowly I trained my gun on the third one.  BAM!  She took off running, stumbled and ran some more.  The other two were still there!  So I shot the one in front.  BAM!  She took off running.  I almost shot the third one, but dad said no.  It would have been to hard to get it to the house. 

We found the first one.  It wasn't dead so I had to shoot it through the neck.  Then we found the other.  She was already dead.  We got the 4-wheeler and gutted them.  I helped cut the skin off one.  Now dad just needs to get the meat off.


Deck the bed with lots of lights!

I decked out my sisters bed with eight strands of Christmas lights.  At first when I told everybody they thought I had decorated the multi-purpose room.  Not the girls bedroom.  My sister was freaking out when she found out it was is her room.  She freaked even more when she saw her bed.
It was fun.  I told her, "Good luck sleeping tonight."  But then we took the lights down.  It started as an extra strand of green lights.  Then a strand of red and blue.  Then Kay and I went all out and added a box of green 2 whites 2 multicolor.  It was fun.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I don't really know what to talk about.  So I guess I'll start blabbering.  Lets see.  We got the Christmas decorations out.  The outside of the house looks great.  I strung up tons of Christmas lights.  It isn't done yet so I need to finish.  But you will get pictures of it.  All we need to do is put up the tree at the pawn shop and at home.

All the deer have Santa hats on.
Very Christmas-y and funny.

If you look at the top you will se three little trees.
The little trees are the main decorations.
We can't put up too many decorations at the store because of all the motion detectors and alarms. 
Swinging decorations would set off the alarms.
Falling decorations would set off the alarms.
Spinning decorations would set off the alarms.
Moving decorations would set off the alarms.
 If the decorations move or fall - the alarm will go off.  The police will come. The alarm company will call Dad. Dad will be notified from his bed that there is movement in the store.  Then he will go to the store.  Everyone will be at the store to see the Christmas decorations on the ground. 
That would be funny.
My dad would not think it was funny.
So, that is why we don't have many decorations at the store. 

Another deer with a Santa hat and more trees.

The lone tree.
So sad.
Merry Christmas,

12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas someone gave to me,
An old rotten dead peach tree!

On the second day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!

On the third day of Christmas someone gave to me,
 Three screaming siblings!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!
On the fourth day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Four peepers peeping!
Three screaming siblings!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!
On the fifth day of Christmas someone gave to me'
Four peepers peeping!
Three screaming siblings!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!

On the sixth day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Six deer in the freezer!
Four peepers peeping!
Three siblings screaming!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!
On the seventh day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Seven pounds of cookies!
Six deer in the freezer!
Four peepers peeping!
Three siblings screaming!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!
On the eighth day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Eight hens a laying!
Seven pounds of cookies!
Six deer in the freezer!
Four peepers peeping!
Three siblings screaming!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!
On the ninth day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Nine books for reading!
Eight hens a laying!
Seven pounds of cookies!
Six deer in the freezer!
Four peepers peeping!
Three siblings screaming!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!
On the tenth day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Ten dogs a barking!
Nine books for reading!
Eight hens a laying!
Seven pounds of cookies!
Six deer in the freezer!
Four peepers peeping!
Three siblings screaming!
Two moo-ing cows
And an old rotten dead peach tree.
On the eleventh day of Christmas someone gave to me,
Eleven cats a meowing!
Ten dogs a barking!
Nine books for reading!
Eight hens a laying!
Seven pounds of cookies!
Six deer in the freezer!
Four peepers peeping!
Three siblings screaming!
Two moo-ing cows!
And an old rotten dead peach tree!
On the twelfth day of Christmas someone gave to me,
A music video?
Merry Christmas,


Shelby sucks at minecraft.  When she tried to play on creative she was ok.  Because she was invincible.  I switched he to not in invincible.  She found out you can't swim in lava.  Then she was chased by a creeper. or as she would call it, a hissing cucumber.  She quit before she exploded. darn it. 

Champ got run over.
We cried for a long long time.
We are very sad.


It actually happened.  Me and dad buried him by the forts.  It was a sad day.

The end.

Bath Time For Poo!

The title says about all of it.  We had to bathe all the cats and the dog, Why?  Because mom overdosed with the de-wormer that was for CATTLE!  My cat was drunk on de wormer for 3 days.  She could barely sit without falling over.  Her eyes were as big as golf balls. (Sort of.)  But she is better now.  She hates baths.  She tried to climb out of the sink and she looked terrified.  But she looks funny when she is wet.


Christmas Tsunami

It hit.  106.9  Turn it on.  You will hear what I mean.  I thought it would happen after Halloween. I was right.  Mom says, "They are supposed to wait until thanksgiving."  She says that every year.  Ironic right?  I need to tell her that.  "Hey mom.  You know how you say that they are supposed to wait until thanksgiving to play Christmas music?  You say that every year when they start playing it on the radio.  Every year."  Oh well.  Might as well get the decorations out.  Tis the season to be cycotic.


The random letters is what happens when I try to post a picture from Google.


Thursday, October 31, 2013


The pigs are back from the butcher.  We just ate porker for breakfast.  He was yummy.  Our freezers are filled with pig.  If dad gets a deer we are going to buy another freezer from Lowes.  Lots of pig. 
I am glad they are dead.
Mom actually liked raising pigs.
But she admitted that chickens were easier.
I was right when I told her that.
As you would say...
They were pigs.
Henry is huge.  He has at least tripled in size.
He tried to play with Cole the other day.
Cole sat down and started crying.
It's pretty funny.

Sleep over

I got to spend the night with my grandparents last week.  It was soooooooooooooooooooo much fun.  I had an eye doctor appointment.  It turns out I don't need glasses any more.  Yay!  The appointment was at the mall.  I got some new hiking boots from the Dick's at the mall.  Then we ate at Bj"s and I got the news that I could spend another night.  I was so excited.  I love staying the night with them.  I hope to do it again some time.


Hyper hyping

Shelby and I saw the first Christmas commercial the other night.  That has to be a record.  I think that as soon as Halloween is over that a wave of Christmas is going to hit like a tsunami.  The commercial was for pets mart.  Apparently "Santa" has a dog.  A small brown and white dog.  I think they should at least wait until November for the first commercial of Christmas.  Then there was the radio.  On 10/24/2013 the first Christmas radio commercial hit us.  Maybe the tsunami will hit before Halloween. Oh well. The world is crazy.  Christmas crazy.

Turkey is still molting. And she is still ugly.  And funny.  Gandalf is bigger than turkey. Which is an achievement.  Turkey weighs at least 10 pounds. If Gandalf is bigger that that......  Wow.  That is one big chicken.  But he is NOT dinner.  My mom even likes him.  That is good.

Henry is growing.  I'd say he is at least gotten two times bigger than when he was born.  And he is getting nubs where his horns will be.


Thursday, October 24, 2013


This is a post about hunting. I don't care squat about what you think of this post.  If you don't like it then read something else. 

And so begins the hunting season.  I went out Saturday and Sunday on youth weekend but didn't see anything.  My friend got a buck.  It had a weird bent antler.  But he got one.  Lucky. But I think I will be going muzzle loading.  This week is when muzzle loading starts.  Muzzle loaders sound like a cannon.  But they don't kick that hard.  So I will give it a shot.  No pun intended.  Hopefully I will have the same luck I had last year.  Here are pictures.
Mom followed me around with a camera as I was leaving.

Happy hunting.

piggy death

Last Wednesday the pigs got sent to slaughter.  I helped corral the pigs into the trailer. It was muddy but pretty funny. The pigs didn't want to cooperate.  Porker didn't like being cooped up and Zorro was acting like an idiot.  Shelby and I stayed home. I wish I would have gone.  Here are some pictures.
Cole thought the trailer stank.
I thought it smelled like a farm.
It smelled good.
My mom took pictures of us in the trailer.
Cole still thought it stank.

This is the trailer.
Porker was 300 pounds on the nose.

The pigs had numbers spray painted on their backs so the butcher would know which pigs were ours.  There were 7 pigs delivered that same day.  They all had numbers.
Porker is # 6.
Zorro is #7.

This is our pigs with the other pigs.
Guess which are ours.

See you later

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pet review

This is how lazy Scruffy is.
He doesn't care if you put a Chicken on him.
The only thing he is scared of is the 4-wheelers.
Though I gave him a ride once.
He is practically fearless.
This is Sophie.
She is scared by everything.
Except the dog.
She hates the dog.
If we got a second dog she would leave.
But she loves me.
And she is really sweet in the morning or at night.
Or when she is lonely.
This is Velvet.
Don't be fooled.
She is the BIGGEST Chicken cat ever.
I can barely get close to her without her bolting.
This is Champ.
He is the sweetest dog ever.
He wishes he was a lap dog.
But his size won't stop him from getting in your lap.
All of these chickens are dead.
Except for two.
The little one in the bottom left corner.
And the big black one still live.
The others' deaths are for another time.

Green hand

This is how it started.  We made wood pumpkins and I helped put the second coat on the stems.  I decided to paint my hand green.  Then I painted my arm green. Then mom took pictures.
The creepy hand of doom.
My mom says this picture is awesome.
I think so too.

This is a comparison.
Green or not green.
That is the question.

Fun with paint.
These are the pumpkins we made.
The pumpkin patch.

Cole's - like the Cyclops?


Andie Kay made chicken pumpkins.

These are mine.
Happy fall!


First week of October everybody.  Today is the first week of October.  Why am I saying this you ask?  Stores are already hyping Christmas!  It isn't even Halloween!  You think they could at least wait 'till Halloween is over.  It's crazy!

Henry is getting bigger.  Or so I'm told.  I can't tell the difference.  But he is now extremely playful.  He loves to climb the dirt pile in the pasture. He also loves to run around the field like a race horse.

Grouse, his spouse, and his kids are all dead.  Moving on.

The year sure went by fast.  Next time you blink it will be Christmas. Then the new year to do it all over again.  And school.  lots of school. But it is kind of fun.  I think math is fun.  Not the reading and correcting though.

Poo tat!

A normal conversation.

If you read the latest post at the milkin parlor you will see that I am a copy cat. If not read this first.

Here is a normal conversation between the dog and my cat.
This is my cat.
She hates the dog.
This is the dog.
He loves the cat.
He is also scared to death of her.
Let's begin.
"Let's play!"
"No... Hey! get off my tail!  hissssssssssssssssssssss!"
"AHHH! Scary kitty!  Run! Help! Murder! Fire!"
"Idiot dog."
lick lick lick lick lick lick.
The licks are my cat licking herself.
She is constantly licking.
When she goes through trauma she lick a ton!
Like when we go to Florida.
We get back and the cat is half bald.
One time my dad said that I had enough cat hair in my room to build another cat.
She is a licker.
She is also half feral.
So sometimes she is a big chicken.
Sometimes she screams for us to pet her.
Oh yes.  My mom finished the last Grouse the mouse post.
So you didn't get to hear the names of the rest of the mice.
Bill, Frank, and Charlotte.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


We have a new member of the farm.  Shelby wants to post about this but you snooze you loose.  And she lost.  But I also got the laptop first.  Heh heh.  You probably want to know who Henry is.  Well he is the cutest little fluffiest calf in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

This is Henry.
Henry is the little baby.
My mom said he would gain 2+ lbs. per day.
That's over 75 lbs per month.
That is like 300 lbs. gained by Christmas!
He won't be a little baby then.
He will be over 300 lbs.
That is a big baby.

This is Henry with Faith.
When Henry was first born Faith would not stop licking him.
He was all slimy.
But now he is all fluffy.
Now it is naptime for baby cows.
see ya later,

Grouse the mouse Part 2

Yesterday my mom and I went to check on Grouse.  And we found out a secret. 
Grouse has a spouse! 
 Her name is Gretta.  They also have a son. His name is Bob.  Yep.  Bob.  Brilliant.
We had a confirmed sighting of 3 mice. 
Then Ampro (the exterminator) came out & said there were at least 6 mice living in our outhouse.  Guess Grouse and Gretta have been raising a little family. 
Thanks to Ampro - the mouse community will be moving out.
Good bye Grouse.
Chicken Update:

We had a massive chicken killing.  We got bronchitis from this lay who sold some silkies to us who had bronchitis.  The silkies had bronchitis, not the lady.   Even if you heal the chicken from the bronchitis they are still carriers and other chickens can catch it from the chicken who had it.  The lady who sold us the silkies didn't tell us that the chickens had bronchitis.  So now all my chickens are dead accept for 8.  Pollux, Fluffy, Castor, Lucy, short for Lucifer, Tac, Gandalf, and Turkey.  I was sad.  Luckily, I didn't have to participate. 

Turkey went broody & wanted to be a mom.  I let her sit on her eggs for a couple of weeks but none of her eggs were fertile. We checked her eggs to see if any baby chicks were growing inside them - but there wasn't anything.   So mom and I threw them at trees.  They were rotten or to old.  She still might be sitting on eggs. I don't know.

So that is the latest update.  Me and my sister are going to see a movie with our grandfather.  I am sooooooooo exited!  Currently he will be here in 36 mins.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grouse the mouse.

 There is a mouse living in the out house.  He is our little out house mouse.  His name is Grouse.  He is Grouse the out house mouse.  Grouse also wants a blouse.  Grouse the out house mouse who wants a blouse. Every now and then he loves a good douse.  Grouse the out house mouse wants a blouse and a douse.  Grouse has no spouse.  He is Grouse the no spouse out house mouse who wants a blouse and a douse.  He is also a big fat louse.  He is Grouse the louse the no spouse out house mouse who wants a blouse and a douse.  Now we can move on.
This is my brother with his knife.
It is a fake knife but he loves it.
He is ready to kill the mouse.
This is Grouse's nest.
He stole toilet paper to make it.
If I were a mouse I would do the same thing.

This is Grouse.
Isn't he cute?
Mom doesn't think he is cute.
She thinks grouse is a scary mouse.