Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pawn shop

I haven't put pictures of the pawn shop up in a while so here you go.

Whenever I need a guitar to play I play one of those.

This is some of the jewelry.

More jewelry.
Jewelry is hard to spell.
You think it is easy?
You try spelling it.

Guns... lots of guns.

Holders and hand guns too.

Climbing stand.

Tools... lots of tools too.
Come by soon.
I am usually here Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


One day my brother walks up to my mom and asks "Mom, can we make woppel-tops?"  My mom said "What?"
"What are woppel-tops?"
Then my brother held up a popsicle mold.
Here are some pictures.
Cole with the popcicle mold.

This is him making woppel-tops.
So, we made woppel-tops.
That is about all that needs to be said.

Deer hunting

My dad and I went deer hunting a few days ago on youth hunt.  While we were sitting there two yearlings and their mother come walking in.  The yearlings bent down to eat.  The mom was up looking and walking around.  I had a good shot at her and my dad told me to shoot her so I did.  She jumped and took off running, stumbling while she ran.  One of the yearlings dissapeared and the other one just ran a little and just stood there looking around.  I told my dad one of the younger deer was still there and to give another bullet.  I loaded my 243 with another single shot.  When I shot that one She just dropped to the ground.  We got the yearling easily.  The mom however.........  She was in the woods somewhere.  My dad found her and she was Huge.
My dad had to gut her to make her lighter so we could put her on the 4 wheeler.

This is me with both the deer I shot.

When we got home it was time to call friends and family to tell them I got a deer.....
And time to gut the deer...
It was late when we finished with the deer.
When we went inside I took a bath and had a sandwich.

Chickens flapping

OK so.  Who knows what happens when you yank a chickens tail when it is on the roosting bar???


Want to know what happens when you yank the tail a lot?

Flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap!!

My sister took two red armies (red pullets)  And started pulling.  Here is what happened.

Flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap!!

Except it was chicken 1, chicken 2, chicken 1, chicken 2.
It is funny.  My sister discovered it when we were playing in the coop when the chickens were in bed.
While we were out there I put my hand in front of a mystery chicken and it bit/pecked me.  I think it was Willie.  He is one of my roosters.  I still don't know who it was.  My dad thought the chickens flapping when you yank their tail was funny.  It is funny.  We also held some chickens.  It was fun.  When you hold a chicken and move it around a little its head stays in the same spot.  When you take Spark and flip her bottom up her tail feathers expand.  Spark is my sister's chicken.

Lots of flapping.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


We've had 2 opossum visits this week.  First our dog went into the woods, came out with a opossum in his mouth and laid it in the grass.  A couple of days later the dog brought us another one.  Both of them were laying in the grass looking dead.  Here is how to tell if an opossum is dead or just playing dead:

If he is dead, when you shoot him in the head, he will just lay there. 
If he is alive, when you shoot him in the head he will start squirming and rolling around.
There is simple opossum logic.

And why do you have to spell it opossum!?!?  Why not possom or possum!?!?





This is Shelby mimicking Sophie.
Freak out!

This is Cole.
The bench hog.


This is Scruffy eating sour cream.
With his face in the container.

Frizz as a mom.
I miss frizz. :(

Scruffy with a chicken on him.
I don't even think he cares.

Baby buff orpington.
Now the buff orpingtons are huge.


Thursday, October 4, 2012


I can't really think of anything to post.
Wait I know!
The poo tat song!!!

Poo tat song

Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh
Break it down now,
Poo ta tat ta tat,
uh uh uh uh word,
Poo ta tat ta tat,
uh uh uh uh word.
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat......

That was the Poo tat song.  Poo tat is Sophie our "Put me down!" when you hold her cat.  what's next..........hm.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Bacon!  No............................

 Black Jack.
Bath time!

The end.