Thursday, September 26, 2013


We have a new member of the farm.  Shelby wants to post about this but you snooze you loose.  And she lost.  But I also got the laptop first.  Heh heh.  You probably want to know who Henry is.  Well he is the cutest little fluffiest calf in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

This is Henry.
Henry is the little baby.
My mom said he would gain 2+ lbs. per day.
That's over 75 lbs per month.
That is like 300 lbs. gained by Christmas!
He won't be a little baby then.
He will be over 300 lbs.
That is a big baby.

This is Henry with Faith.
When Henry was first born Faith would not stop licking him.
He was all slimy.
But now he is all fluffy.
Now it is naptime for baby cows.
see ya later,

Grouse the mouse Part 2

Yesterday my mom and I went to check on Grouse.  And we found out a secret. 
Grouse has a spouse! 
 Her name is Gretta.  They also have a son. His name is Bob.  Yep.  Bob.  Brilliant.
We had a confirmed sighting of 3 mice. 
Then Ampro (the exterminator) came out & said there were at least 6 mice living in our outhouse.  Guess Grouse and Gretta have been raising a little family. 
Thanks to Ampro - the mouse community will be moving out.
Good bye Grouse.
Chicken Update:

We had a massive chicken killing.  We got bronchitis from this lay who sold some silkies to us who had bronchitis.  The silkies had bronchitis, not the lady.   Even if you heal the chicken from the bronchitis they are still carriers and other chickens can catch it from the chicken who had it.  The lady who sold us the silkies didn't tell us that the chickens had bronchitis.  So now all my chickens are dead accept for 8.  Pollux, Fluffy, Castor, Lucy, short for Lucifer, Tac, Gandalf, and Turkey.  I was sad.  Luckily, I didn't have to participate. 

Turkey went broody & wanted to be a mom.  I let her sit on her eggs for a couple of weeks but none of her eggs were fertile. We checked her eggs to see if any baby chicks were growing inside them - but there wasn't anything.   So mom and I threw them at trees.  They were rotten or to old.  She still might be sitting on eggs. I don't know.

So that is the latest update.  Me and my sister are going to see a movie with our grandfather.  I am sooooooooo exited!  Currently he will be here in 36 mins.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grouse the mouse.

 There is a mouse living in the out house.  He is our little out house mouse.  His name is Grouse.  He is Grouse the out house mouse.  Grouse also wants a blouse.  Grouse the out house mouse who wants a blouse. Every now and then he loves a good douse.  Grouse the out house mouse wants a blouse and a douse.  Grouse has no spouse.  He is Grouse the no spouse out house mouse who wants a blouse and a douse.  He is also a big fat louse.  He is Grouse the louse the no spouse out house mouse who wants a blouse and a douse.  Now we can move on.
This is my brother with his knife.
It is a fake knife but he loves it.
He is ready to kill the mouse.
This is Grouse's nest.
He stole toilet paper to make it.
If I were a mouse I would do the same thing.

This is Grouse.
Isn't he cute?
Mom doesn't think he is cute.
She thinks grouse is a scary mouse.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Faith adopted Shelby.  She grooms Shelby.  Hugs her.  Nuzzles her.  All that stuff.  Shelby is about to have a sister or brother.  Cow that is.  She is half sister to a cow.  Weird.  Lets' just stop there.

Did I mention Shelby got a cow?  If you follow you would know that.  So be sure to visit.

Now I need a cow.
This is Faith.

Faith says hi.
Faith also has a lot of flies.
Shelby loves her cow.
I hate the pigs.
I love the chickens
Willie is molting his tail feathers.
He looks like a colorful egg that crows.
I am going to a birthday party on Saturday.
Something big and sad will happen while I am at the party.
You will hear about it next week.

Dove shoot 2013

I am unhappy to say that we have no pictures.  This is because we forgot to bring a camera. :(  But I can tell you about it.  I shot 9 dove.  Dad shot 13.  When we were packing up our stuff to take to the barn a dove flew overhead.  My dad shot it and killed it.  Then another one flew by.  My dad shot that one too.  I got to pull the heads off of 6 live dove.  The first one was the hardest.  My little brother even did one.  Then my sisters and brother started pulling the heads off of dead dove.  Not as interesting.  We stayed until it was dark out.  One of the best parts were the snacks.  Dinner was good too.  There was BBQ sandwiches, chips, and lots of snacks.  We had cake afterwards.  Then we played in the sunflowers.  When it got dark we had a bonfire.  About 10:00 we went home.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

dove shoot

We have the dove shoot this weekend. I am exited to shoot dove again.  I can use a .20 Gauge shotgun.  I will have pictures and the story up soon. Soon as it happens that is.



I found this picture in a file.
I messed with it a little.
It's still funny.

How about this.
It's kind of just plain weird.
It is called the, buck-toothed-lama-face.

And me.
Now you have seen my siblings.
With a little alteration but it was fun.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


My chickens are molting.  I am now officially getting 5 eggs a day. And Turkey wants to be a mom.  Curious (with a little help from me.) got all of her children killed off.  Be sure to follow the milkin parlor.  My sister is working on posts.  She is also copying my style.  I should patent it.  Except I don't know how to do that.  Hmmm.  What else is there?  I think I am going to put up a new page.  It will be full of my chickens.  Pictures and names.  The ones that are alive currently.

These are the pigs.
The fat annoying  pigs.
The stinky lethargic, lazy, annoying, muddy, hateable, pigs.
Hateable isn't even a word.

This is Faith.
Sweet loving Faith.
Sweet loving pregnant Faith.
Who would you rather live with?
I prefer my chickens.
And my cat.
The tongue is actually sticking out.
This picture is about a year old.
It is also a great anti-depressant.
If you are ever depressed or feeling worthless.
This picture will give your life meaning.


I hate pigs.  Me and mom were talking in the car about how if they ate a chicken they would go mad.  Mom said we could kill them if we had to.  She then said she wanted them big.  I said I wanted them dead.  Yep.  I will be glad when they are dead. 
And the pigs figured out how to take the gate off of it's hinges.  That was funny.  My mom first figured it out when they knocked it off.  She put it back on and went into the cow barn.  When she came out, my sister was holding the gate (that she just got back on the hinges).  My mom thought Shelby had taken it off. Nope.  Porker had popped it off and handed it to her.  We finally got it to stay when my dad put some kind of metal zip strips on it.

Don't forget Shelby's blog:


New News, Late news

Well, I am finally posting again.  And I have big news.  Ready?

Shelby has her own blog!
I will Have a direct link from my home page.  That will make it easier to go from mine to hers.  Shelby even has special news for you.  But I can't tell.

We got pigs!  This is old news but we got pigs.  They are over 100 lbs.  And I never want to take care of them again.  But I only have to do them part of the year. So that is good.  And they stink.

We have some chicks.  Spark and Buff chicken raised them.  Some of them are as big as their mom!  And yet they are still clucking.  Curious, my huge buff orpington hatched 4.  She killed one.  Then I stepped in one.  Then she lost the other two in the woods somewhere.

This is a gross story.
Reader discretion is advised.  Seriously.
We had a baby that the mothers wouldn't sit on.  (It was a chicken.)
And I stuck it under a heat lamp.
It couldn't move.
I didn't check on it all day.
I also didn't think that through.
When I checked on it, it's insides were soup and it had a hole in it.
I think he boiled and then popped.
No comment.
I hated myself.

And with that happy note we will stop for the day.

Don't for get the milkin parlor,