Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Well.  They let crumple back in with Faith and guess what happened.  Crumple started nursing.  And Faith started giving milk.  So now Mom and Shelby are milking the cow.  If they don't milk her I think they give the milk to Crumple.  Mom is SO happy that they get to milk the cow and get milk again.  I am happy that the cow isn't a poop making,money eating machine anymore.  Now she is pulling her weight.

We have a live bait trap by the chicken coop to catch the mystery animal that was eating the chickens.  So far I have caught 3 possums and a chicken.  Twice!  The first time I wasn't there so my parents let her out. The second time I let her out.  Goofy bird.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snow birds

Spring chickens hate snow.  We got about a centimeter of snow. That apparently is enough to make the chickens fly everywhere.  Or just stay in the coop.  They walk out onto the ramp that leads up to the little door that lets them in the coop and fly to the compost pile for food, then fly back to the ramp and go back into the coop.  Except for the roosters.  They just strut everywhere.  And spar with your foot if they think you are another chicken.  It can be scary.  Especially if the rooster is three feet tall. It can be freaky.  


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Mom let crumple back into the field with faith.  Crumple goes over to Faith and WHAM!  He gets kicked in the head from trying to nurse.  This happened about four more times before my little sister who was up there at the time noticed what was happening.  Later my mom asked her who she was talking to while Crumple was getting attacked.  She answered with, "I was talking to Scruffy!"  Scruffy is her cat.  How she missed the first part of Crumple getting kicked is a mystery.  Scruffy must have had some interesting things to say about life.  But now Faith and Crumple are getting along again.