Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CHICKEN SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my dad, mom, and one of my sisters and my brother killed most of my roosters.  They even killed chubby.  I said SHE was a GIRL but my mom said she was a rooster so she is in the freezer with her rooster rooster friends.  Me and my other sister wanted to have no part of it.  We were upstairs on computers.  My 4 year old brother comes in the house later and says, "Mom and Dad say you have to come watch." I said "No they didn`t." then I went back to the computer.  Later he comes up and asks if me and my sister want to see his "wing", we said "No." Then he asked if we anted to see his "feather."  Unfortunately, we said "Yes".  So he goes downstairs and comes back up with a wing.  I told him to put it back out side.  When the chicken slaughter was over my mom came back with pictures.  Here are the pictures.
                                                    WARNING: Contains graphic material.
                                                                Viewer digression is advised
This is dad's hand.  It looks like blood is sticky and feathers stick. 

This is Pat, Poopy, and Gizmo.  A few minutes after their heads were chopped off. 

Here's the order of death:
1.  Remove head
2.  Remove feet & wings
3.  Hang bird by neck & pull the skin off (the feathers come off with it like you are taking off it's underware)
4.  Rinse, bag, freeze
5.  Enjoy.

This is Dad chopping off the wing with the hatchet.

Here's Cole holding the wing that was just chopped off.


 Feathers stick to knives too.
A blood covered chicken.

Two chickens hanging by their feet... without heads.

This rooster is almost complete. Head is off, wings are off, feathers & skin are off.  Dad is making a cut so he can pull out the guts.  Then it will get washed & put in a ziplock bag.

I am glad I was not part of the chicken slaughter.


Last week we decorated the house with Christmas decorations.  We decorate when my dad goes to deer camp.  He only goes once a year.  So on Saturday we decorated the house.  We started after breakfast.  It was a disaster.  It looked like the basement exploded.  By the time my mom carried the last box up the house had decorated itself.  Or at least what that's what she said happened.  She told dad that she used to get out the video camera and videotape us.  "Not this year mom, we have better things to do - like, decorate the house."  There was a lot of afterward cleaning up to do.  Then I decided that I would try to hang Christmas lights.  That was a disaster too.  So we did it the next day.  So according to my mom, the house decorated itself. I don`t think that`s what happened.  Here are pictures of the house.

Pretty balls on the table.

Our fire place.

This is the desk in the school room.

This is a nativity set.

This is another nativity set.

Joseph and Mary up close.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mystery death

So here's how it started.  One morning, me and my sister went out to go do the chickens.  My sister let them out and I was finishing up chicken chores.  Then I decided that I would count them because I haven't counted them in quite some time.  So I went 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.  Then I count again because I only got twenty-one. My sister started counting with me but twenty-one was the highest number we got (beside for other numbers like 18 and 20.)  Then we started looking for the missing chicken and checking the flock for a missing chicken.  Then it hit us.  There was only two out of three baby chickens.  Morris was missing.  Something else is gone too.  It is my perfect record of not losing any of these recent chickens.  Morris's` death is a mystery, but we suspect a chicken hawk.  There have been birds of prey circling the chickens, but the raccoons haven`t found them yet and that is good.  I am still not happy to lose a baby.


Clowning around.

This post is about pictures of my little sister.   It is what she was for Halloween.  I know that Halloween was a month ago, but I am just getting around to finishing this post.  Sorry.  Here is the story.  We all wanted Mom to dress up for Halloween.  She usually goes as Mom.  Since my mom is awesome; she was going to dress up for Halloween.  She was going to be a clown.  Mom had all her clown clothes laying on her bed and was getting ready to put them on.  That's when I saw them and put them on.  When Mom saw me she loved it & asked if I wanted to be a clown and she would paint my face.  I said "No."  I said that because I have been through the face painting experience and I never want to do that again  Then my little sister put it on.  She's never had the face painting experience.  After much changing of mind, we finally got Andie to be a clown.  Oh did I mention the overalls?  There were big overalls with the costume and big pink tractor supply logoified boots.  You want to know what kind of overalls?  OK.  They were maternity overalls.  They were way to big. She couldn't walk.  But she wore them anyway.  Here are the pictures.  And a made up discussion.
"May I have your picture?"  "No."
"Please?"  "No."

"Just one?"   "OK."

"How about two?"
"Helooooooo. How`s this?"
Hope you liked the pictures.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chicken names.

This is about chicken names.  Not just any chickens.  My families chickens.  I am going to try to put this as a story.  There once were 7 little chickens who lived in their coop in the forrest with Snow White.  Their names were :  Curly, Chubby, Blacky, Goldie, Droopy, Poopy and Polly. 

We also have 3 chickens named after a band called "the Time" that my dad knows about.  Their names are:  Jessie, Gerome and Morris the chickens.

There are 11 more names which are:  Pigeon, Pat, Red, Spot, Spark, Sally, Crow, Buff Chicken, Krazy 2, Krazy 3,  Krazy Jr. and Lacy.  Was that 12?  Krazy 3 and Krazy Jr. are the same chicken. 

Why these names?  Well, my dad named Jessie, Gerome and Morris.  Andie named Sally.  Shelby named Spark.  I named the rest.

Poopy looks like someone pooped on his back.
Pigeon looks like a Pigeon.
Crow is Black.
Blacky is black.
Lacy is also black, but her feathers are pretty and make her look like she is covered in lace. 
Pat was thought to be a girl so I named him Pat.
Red is gloss- red and black and maybe some white.
Krazy 2 is the second krazy.
Krazy 3 is the 3rd Krazy.
Krazy Jr is the same chicken as Krazy 3
Buff Chicken used to be Goldie but is now named after a cat "Buff Kitty" because they are the same color.  Can you guess what the color is?  Buff. 
Droopy was named this because she droops.
Curly is a rooster with a curly tail.
Spot is spotty on one side white on the other.
Chubby Cheeks looks like she has fat cheeks.
Goldie is gold and has had a name change to Sally.

Our chickens have too many names and they change too often. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween treat

My chickens got a Halloween treat.  It was probably better for me than them. Their treat was they got to go to bed at around 4:15 P.M.  It wasn`t to easy putting them to bed that early but I did it.  I used our broom to do it.  Why?  Because our chickens don`t like it.  Why?  Because every time they get in our lettuce and peas they would get beat by the broom.  I think it is fun to chase chickens with a broom.  The chickens usually run screaming saying "Bock bock bock bergawerk bergawerk!" or in human "Save me from the crazy pshyco with the broom!"  So that is why I used a broom.