Sunday, July 17, 2011


==I haven`t posted in a long time. My mom says I have been neglecting my blog. Here is a cat story. My little sisters cat scruffy had a maggot in his face. It was gross, the worm would pop its head out every now and then to breathe. Our vet was out of town when we noticed the worm.  So, we had a cat with a worm in his face for 5 days.  But we got him to the vet on Monday and he is all better now.

On the way to the vet the cat started freaking out and wanted to be out of the car.  No one wanted to hold him because there was a small unwanted passenger living in his face.  Blegh.  Scruffy thought the back window wasn't there.  He attempted to jump out the back window (that he thought wasn't there) and we heard a thud.  The cat hit the glass and fell down on to floor in the back of the van.  Next he ran up to the front of the van, stood on the dashboard and stared at my mom.  Meanwhile, mom was trying to see to drive and all 4 of us kids were laughing.  Scruffy no like cars.