Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 I love mutating pictures.  Little kids might not want to look at this pic.
Don't tell my sister.  She'll try to rip my face off.
Not joking. 
Unless I can out run her.
Or just hide in the back of the pawn shop.

You ever want to know what your animals are thinking?
Here are some translations.
Cluck cluck cluck!
English translation:
I'm a mother and I'm overly protective so...back off!
Bok bok bok bergawrk!
Help, help, help, HELP!!!
Hi there!
As Hank the cow dog once said,
"Chickens only have half a dozen words in their vocabulary, and 3 of them are just different ways of saying,'Help!'."
I mainly just do chickens, my cat, and the dumb dog.
One time Champ ran into the barn door.
Talk about doofus!
P.S. 4 days till my birthday.
April 30th.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cow love - by Shelby

This is Shelby.
I will be substituting for Parker to tell you about a cow.
Yesterday we went to a dairy farm to meet a cow.  This is Josephina.
Josephina wasn't very nice.  She didn't enjoy children.  And every time we tried to get close to her she would run.   She is on sale because she had mastitis and they can't sell her milk anymore. We all tried to meet Josephina while she ran.  There are 6 of us.  2 of us (Cole and Andie Kay) are bouncy and small and squally - I would run too if I was Josephina.
The owners saw us with their cows and knew Josephina was not the right cow. What we really want is a pet cow that we can milk, hug on and ride.  They brought us 2 more cows to look at.   
This is what Andie Kay wore:

Andie Kay did not wear the right outfit. 
All the cows thought Andie Kay was a salad.  Andie was the only one that Josephina would go near because she wanted to eat her. 

"Can I eat you?"

"Do these taste good?"
At 4:00 its time to bring all the cows to the dairy to be milked.  They all came to the gate.  MOO.

and across the street to the dairy.

Cow Crossing.
The farm owners brought 2 more cows for us to look at. Peppermint and Faith. They were much nicer than Josephina

.  This is My dad by Peppermint.

This is me with Faith!

Faith is pregnant and is supposed to have her calf September 27. 

I can milk!

I can milk with two hands!

In the stall next to Faith was Peppermints Baby.  He is 2 days old and cute.

Here is adorable, fuzzy, baby standing up:

I love cows.  I want a moo.  I love Faith. 

I hate aging

My birthday is coming up.  I am turning 13.  I WANNA STAY 12!!!!!!  Oh well. Nothing I can do. I flew a plane last night for the first time in a while.  Normally I am flying in the middle of nowhere.  But If you choose an inhabbited air port You can see houses and other planes.  That is way more fun than,

I know.  Not fun. 

The cow barn is coming along.  The fence is done. The gates are up.   Today took a while for me to start school.  First I get here at 8:40 because I went with my mom.  Then My dad and I ran to the house to get the eggs I forgot.  And now it is 11:42 and I haven't even started math!  Big fun. 

So how is your day going?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Star wars exhibit

 There was a star wars exhibit at the science museum in Florida.

These are some of the light sabers used in the movies.
Darth Maul's light saber is the one in the middle.

Here we are with THE Darth Vader costume.
The one he actually used!
Did you know Yoda is the same person who voiced Grover, Cookie monster, and Miss. Piggie?
Pretty neat and wierd at the same time.
I mean "Miss Piggie" - a girl?

Chew backa and Han Solo.

Here we are with Tarrful (grey) and another wookie.

To me this was the best part of the exhibit.
The Droideka.
Or Desrtoyer droid.
Let's just take a closer look at each of these pictures & notice my younger brother:



This is just a short little joke my dad made. 

My mom's car needed a new transmission so we got a loaner car to drive.  My dad said it was too nice for us to ride in so he drove it and we got is truck.  My dad and I dropped off the loaner today and when we got in mom's car he said,"Out of the nice clean car and into mom's toxic waste dump."  Imagine a perfectly clean car.  Ok now look at this.

Now multiply what you've seen by ten then go stand in a garbage dump and breathe.
Cameras can't capture the full effect.
Those febreeze comercial cars got nothing on mom's car.
Now you know what my dad meant.
Now think of the kids who did that in a perfectly clean car.
A car you don't even own.
With a TV in the roof.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Here are pics of our Florida trip.

This is when we went to the beach.
My brother and I, mostly me, dug a big pit in the sand.
I sat in it and filled it in. That was fun.

My sister is out there somewhere.  We had lunch while we were t the beach.
We went with our aunt and cousin.
We had lunch.
Who agrees that seagulls are scary?
My brother and I do.
This one time a few years ago my brother had potato chips on the beach.
The beach had seagulls.
My brother as running and dropping chips all over the beach while sea gulls were chasing him.
He was saying,"They are trying to eat me!!!"
With a bunch of crying and screaming.

This is how much Shelby likes being hugged by me.

Weather me!
That was at the science center.
I remember going to that exact museum when I was like 2.
They had this kids town thing and I have this vague memory of the orange grove.
Amazing they still have it.

This is our picture with a tyranosaurous rex.
Who can spell tyranosaurous Rex?
I had to use auto correct.

This is wonder works.
Otherwise known as the upside down house.

This is the ceiling.  Pretty neat huh?

They had lots of exhibits there. 
My mom laid on a bed of nails while we were there.
Mom said it hurt.
I believe her.
There are over a hundred exhibits at wonder works.
I did an ATV thing where you pedalled to make it run.
One time I went so fast the ATV and I went flying.
I flew off and was going around 129 mph.
I also got bruises on my legs from hitting the wood frame while pedalling.
It hurt.

Well the trip was fun and I'm glad to be back.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We are back.  I know what you are thinking.  I am finally posting.  I will have pictures of our Florida trip up soon.  The Florida trip was fun but I got homesick so I am glad we are back.  I stayed with my grandparents for 2 days while my mom and dad were at the home school conference.  My mom got me a Tim Hawkins DVD.  Ring a bell?

Willie my rooster.  You know him.
We call him Wilma because he is a wimp.

We are going to Rual King tomorrow to get baby chicks.
I am probably going to get some Thursday too.
My mom says I have chicken fever.