Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pet Show

Today was the pet show at the Co Fair.  First was the poultry show.  Then the cats and dogs.
We entered:
Champ (the dog)
Scruffy (Andie's cat)
Sophie (My cat)
Sparky (Shelby's chicken)
Buff Chicken (my chicken)
Winnie (my chicken)

Dad let mom use his truck to get all the animals to the fair.  We put the cats in a cage in the passenger seat.
Here is Andie sideways, sitting next to the cats in the front seat.
This is me, Shelby, Cole and Champ all crammed into the the back seat.  Cole looks perplexed. 

This is Spark, Buff Chicken, and Winnie the Wyandotte in the back of dad's truck.  

 First was the chicken show.  There were 5 chickens total at the competition. 

Here is Shelby holding Spark the Grand Champion Chicken. 

I am holding my 2 chickens that I entered.  They got second place. 

Next was the domestic pet show.
We had to get our pets and show them to the judges. 
We had to tell the judges about our pets and about ourselves. 

Here is Andie presenting Scruffy. 

Here I am showing Sophie.

We were the only ones that brought cats so one of us had to win.

And the winner is...

Are you excited....

Can you stand the suspense...

The winner is......

SOPHIE!!!!!!!!  Yay for me!

Next was the dog show.

First - here is the competition:

German Shepherd named Raven.

This is Phoenix.  He was stubborn. 

And Shelby with Champ.  The dog that someone shot in the hip.  The dog that was picked up off the streets by Animal Control.  The dog that spent a month on death row at the pound. 

The Trimble County Fair Grand Champion!!!

Hooray for Champ!

In the pet shows you get $15 for first place.  $10 for second.  $5 for third.

Here are the cats on the way home.
Beauty pageants are tiring.

Trimble Co. Fair

This week there was a fair in town.  We entered some things into the fair. 
Here are some of the things we entered:
Lemon Balm
Green Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Banana Bread
Yeast Rolls
That's everything I can think of. 

We had over 28 entries total.

Here is a picture of us with our stuff.
Every blue ribbon is first place.  Every purple ribbon is best in show.  The fair gives you $4 for every blue ribbon, and $1 for every purple ribbon. 
You also get $3 for red ribbons and $2 for white, but we didn't get any red or white ones.

New coop

We got a new chicken coop.  Actually it is 8 by 8 shed so I call it the chicken shed.  When we got it we spent some of the day in just playing in it until the cat barfed in it.  That pretty much ended our camp out.  Especially since he barfed up worms.  Parasites that is.  So we canned some of the worms and took him to the vet.  She gave our cats a pill to kill the worms.  So that's better.  Anyways,  We built the inside of the coop to make it suitable for chickens or monkeys.  The monkey exhibit was an accident.  So now the chickens are in their new coop.  Here are pictures of the chickens and the coop.
This is me with my chickens.
For some reason Cole always buttons his shirts all the way to the top.

For some reason Andie always has red eye.

This is Shelby when she conquered Spot - the evil pecking, broody chicken.  Shelby got an award at school for "gentleness" in May.  Dad told her she should give it back. 

This is all the broody hens crammed into one nesting box.  There are 12 nesting boxes.

Baby chickens

You know how we have those broody hens?  Well three of the eggs finally hatched.  The broody hens are Buff chicken, Krazi, Spot and Frizz.  None of Frizzes eggs have hatched but the others have.  We ordered Frizz some fertilized eggs.  Here are pics.

Here's Shelby's eye balls.

Mommy "Krazi" and one of her babies.
This is the chipmunk baby.  The other 2 are yellow.  He is gold, brown and tan. 

This is "Frizz." We tell my mom if she was a chicken she would look like Frizz.  Not because my mom is cranky.  Because my mom has big hair. 
See the resemblance?
This is what Frizz is thinking right now, "PECK, GRAB, PECK, DESTROY, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL"  If you get near her she pecks you, grabs your skin, and makes grown men jump and run. 
Everyone is afraid of Frizz. 

Cute baby chicks.