Thursday, August 28, 2014

We got a dog!

Well. I haven't posted in a while so let's get you updated. All the guineas are dead. Actually one went to live with our neighbors but he disappeared. The chickens are growing and two of the roosters have started crowing. But the hens aren't laying eggs yet.

Now for the dog. 
His name is duke. 
He is a basset hound. 
He is four years old and lived most of his life as a stray. 
He is underweight and eats puppy food to fatten him up. 
All in all, a perfect dog. 

The sausage himself!

Did I mention he had a PHD in sleeping?

Thursday, March 27, 2014


We get to go to our grandparents house on Thursday.  HOORAY!!!  It has been too long.

We moved the baby chicks out to the barn.  Never again will I have chickens in the house.  It makes everything harder.  You have to be extra careful and clean up everything.  At the barn you give them food, water, and you are done.  Plus they stink.  Not fun.  They made the entire basement stink -  miserable, especially when the Wii is in the basement.  But I moved it upstairs.  We lost a Guinea.  Poor guy.  Here is a record of the chicks we lost and how they died.

About twelve (I lost count) were dying a slow death & I put them out of misery with my 22.
Loki  Got too wet and was hopeless.  Pulled head off.  ;(
Favio.  Got too wet and died
4 brown iso-something-or-others.  May have gotten Bronchitis.  Shot.
Lacy  Was sick and got shot.
2 Brahmas.  was sick and just died.
Bigfoot.  Got too wet and died next day.
Wellsummer.  Sick and got shot.
Honky the Gunea.  Just died for an unknown reason.

So sad,


We got guineas! guineas are game birds that eat ticks. As babies they look like this.

Cute right.  They are very soft and very loud.  My sister named one, Honky.  Very original.

This is a full grown Guinea.

Quite a dramatic change right?  My Guineas are still babies.  But they will grow.  When they grow up they get louder.  And they never stop screaming.  Some of my friends have guineas.  They are loud.  Guineas are native to Africa.  And they can practically fly.  They don't fly like a goose.  They don't fly like a chicken.  They fly like a chicken-goose cross breed.


Baby cheepers!

W went to Rural king this week and got..............  Baby chickens!  We are so excited!  Due to the cold weather the babies are in a box in the house.  That makes it all the more fun.  Good news right?  Right.  Now the bad news.  We "ran a  test" on the adult chickens for bronchitis.  They have it.  We are trying to find a home for the hens.  It isn't looking good. 

Here are some pictures of the new chicks.
This is my sister's chicken Hestia.
Mom wanted something that went with Spark, my sisters other chicken.
Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth.
So it worked out.


More chickens.

This is lacy.
She is very weak.
She won't eat and we have to use a dropper to get her to drink.
I think she is going to die.
We will see.


Back to school

Well.  Winter break is over.  Time to get back to school. After tat long break it is hard to get back in the flow.  Ugh.  Really hard.  I have a particularly evil science lesson today.  A study guide.  I don't take the test.  Just the study guide.  I already got math done.  Yay!

But Friday will get here soon enough.

But until then school reigns supreme. :(
Can't wait until summer.
We have been getting too much snow.  It is miserable.  Snow is only fun when you are playing in it.  Not when you have to work in it.  Especially when it gets rained on.  Then it turns into slush.  4-wheelers don't do well in slush.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines day. (Censored version)

My sister did a post labeled Valentines.  Got to to view it. 

This is another version.  The dangerous kind!

Why do we celebrate Valentines day?  Because of this guy called St. Valentines.  Not much is known about him except that he DIED on Valentines day.  That is about it.  One version says that he died a martyr. A martyr is someone who died for his belief in God. 

And people love chocolate that come In heart shaped boxes.  Good thing the hearts look like this.

And not this.
So there you have it.
Happy Valentines day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Frost's bite

It has been extremely cold lately. We have about six inches of snow at my house.  Plus the negative degree weather.  Means crazy cold!  There was a wreck in the woods next to our house a few days ago.  The driver was a 17 year old girl and she was driving her two younger brothers.  She went off the road into the woods up at the peach grove.  There were 3 hospital helicopters.  She only broke her legs and her brothers were unharmed.  Thank goodness!  So she'll be OK.

Here are some pictures of the snow.
The big barn and garden.

The cow barn.

Our house.