Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Well. My little sister's party is tomorrow. Shelby and I are going to see a movie tomorrow with our grandfather.

The pigs are officially at the slaughter house. So now the next time we see them will be as bacon and pork chops. Yum. It was a huge project getting them in the trailer. Apparently pigs don't like concrete.  They wouldn't touch it.  But apparently you can back a pig up anywhere if you shove it's head in a bucket.  So that is what we did.  It worked.  Before that we tried all sorts of methods to try to get them to move.  Which I won't mention because some of you might get a little upset. Lets just say that I'm glad I wasn't one of the pigs then.  Tee hee.  So now they will be turned into yummy bacon to eat. I love bacon.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


My little sister's birthday is coming up!  I would tell you what I got her but she might read this and find out. So it is a mystery!  It is currently pouring and I am sitting in the back of the pawn shop with nothing but school food and movies.  And a wii.  So here I am blogging.

This is Shuck, Wayne and Riley going to the fair.
Poor Wayne.  He is going to die now.
Him and Teeny Ball are going to get executed because they are gangsters.
They are the biggest chickens, so they think they are the big bosses.
Goofy birds.
Bum bum bum!
We are keeping Shuck and Foghorn Leghorn.
Yep.  Foghorn is a big white rooster.  
Hence the name.


Thursday, October 9, 2014


Well let's see.  Today we are picking a friend up from school.  For now we are just hanging around the house getting school work done.  Andie and Cole are at school.  Nothing to do but starve and work.  Fun.  I am almost done.  Just math, 2 hours of reading and this post you are reading.

Pigs are really gross.
Pigs are also super fat.
I do not like pigs.

Cows are sweet and soft.
Just don't let them step on you.
Baby cows are cute.

Chickens are awesome.
Chickens are really funny.
Chickens are epic.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Here is some of the flock.

Shelby's rooster with some ladies
Hello teeny ball.

Here is a wellsummer.
She is a....  You know what lets skip that part 'cause I don't want to.....
You know what?
Skip it.

A Rhode Island Red.
Hi loud-mouth!
She is a very loud chicken.

A golden laced wyandotte.
Lay any eggs lately girl?

Hello Wayne!
You are so awesome!

You see the little guy?
Meet Shuck.

The grand finalle!


Thursday, October 2, 2014


You all know Shuck right?

The little Bantam rooster with the attitude.  He chases ATVs.  Yes he does.  He has a habit of attacking the wheels.  He even attacked the go-kart. Yes the go-kart.  He runs up to you and starts cock fighting the wheel.  Funny and scary I know.

We recently had one of our cousins over for a few days.  Their moms' dad is not well so we got her for a few days.  It was fun.  She and Andie caught a turtle and a frog.  They painted the turtles' shell and named it "Shooting Star".  Yeah  The turtle has been set free now though so that's good.  The turtle was probably half dead when Andie let it go.  Poor turtle.  That turtle will probably turn up in about 2 years with a painted star on it's back.  We have had that happen before.  We found "Prince", Shelby's favorite turtle.  Cool right?  We have also caught the same possum twice in a trap.  That possum was ugly.  Ticks and mange and little bumps all over it's body.  Shelby named it "Lilly."  Barf!  It looked more like a Bruno.  Not a Lilly.  The second time we caught it I put it out of it's misery.

Guess what came through the pawnshop.  A ninja sword.  Oh Yeah!  And now it is mine!  It has four hidden knives and the sword.  Pretty cool.  Even has a sheath.  although it is near impossible to get it out of the scabbard (I guess you would call it that).  But it is still awesome.  For Halloween I'm probably to old so I think I am going to wear the sword, jeans, and a shirt that I am going to get that says, "Will be quiet for $100.  Will be awesome for free."  Pretty cool.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cat meet bath

Yesterday my sister bathed the cat.  She hated it.  The cat that is.  She hated it.  When the cat tried to climb out she just turned the water on and got even wetter.  Unfortunately I didn't take pictures.

WE also got this go-cart.  Our cousin gave it to us.  We had to do some work on it.  The band that turns the wheels broke so we replaced it.  The brake pad are shot so we replaced them.  Unfortunately we are probably going to have to order a whole new brake system.  But the go-cart is awesome!!!!  It can go 65 Mph.  Reeeeeeealy fast.  We have the governor set so it won't go that fast.  Mainly because my sister would end up wrapping it around a tree.  Tee Hee.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things not to do to your sister(s).

Here are some things not to do to your sister(s).  Some are from experience.
No direct eye contact.  She might take this the wrong way and think you re challenging her.
Don't drop concrete blocks on their fingers.  That happened ON ACCIDENT!!!!  Her fingers were in the way.  Turned her into a squeak box.
Don't slap her.  She will slap back....... Harder.
Don't spray them with squirt guns.  They will spray back......  Or tell mom.
Don't turn your back on them.  It might end in disastrous pain.
Don't bother them while they are reading.
Follow this chart and you will have a happy life with your sister(s).
Or you can do what I do and defy everything and make each day a fight for survival.  Survival of the fittest, and whoever has on the thickest shirt.