Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cat meet bath

Yesterday my sister bathed the cat.  She hated it.  The cat that is.  She hated it.  When the cat tried to climb out she just turned the water on and got even wetter.  Unfortunately I didn't take pictures.

WE also got this go-cart.  Our cousin gave it to us.  We had to do some work on it.  The band that turns the wheels broke so we replaced it.  The brake pad are shot so we replaced them.  Unfortunately we are probably going to have to order a whole new brake system.  But the go-cart is awesome!!!!  It can go 65 Mph.  Reeeeeeealy fast.  We have the governor set so it won't go that fast.  Mainly because my sister would end up wrapping it around a tree.  Tee Hee.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things not to do to your sister(s).

Here are some things not to do to your sister(s).  Some are from experience.
No direct eye contact.  She might take this the wrong way and think you re challenging her.
Don't drop concrete blocks on their fingers.  That happened ON ACCIDENT!!!!  Her fingers were in the way.  Turned her into a squeak box.
Don't slap her.  She will slap back....... Harder.
Don't spray them with squirt guns.  They will spray back......  Or tell mom.
Don't turn your back on them.  It might end in disastrous pain.
Don't bother them while they are reading.
Follow this chart and you will have a happy life with your sister(s).
Or you can do what I do and defy everything and make each day a fight for survival.  Survival of the fittest, and whoever has on the thickest shirt.


Mom hit an ATV

Ok.  A few day ago my sister and I were playing in the loft of the cow barn.  We used a 4-wheeler to get some stuff up here.  When we came back down I left the 4-w in the driveway.  I thought we would be going back up to the cow barn.  Nope.  We get in the house and mom says we are going somewhere. (I can't remember where.)  So I forgot about the 4-wheeler.  Big no-no.  So mom is backing out of the driveway and we hit something.  Everybody screams.  I think I squeaked.  So Mom is freaking out because she hit the 4-w.  I'm freaking out because I thought Dad was going to kill me.  Mom calls dad and tells him she hit a 4-wheeler.  And she said she didn't think it was anybody's fault. Whew.  Close call.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apple festival

We had the apple festival last week.  It is mainly just some booths set up and lots of junk food.  Fun!  Here are some pics.

Welcome to the apple festival!
A big fat money sucking black hole!

We've got tractors!
How about that pink one?

Nutritious and delicious.

Carmel apples!
And charity.  While my sister was fishing coins out of her purse to buy a  $3.50 Carmel apple some old guy came and bought it for her.  Why does she get the free stuff.  I know, because she looks innocent.  She may look innocent but she isn't.  If you lived with her you'd know what I mean.

And a big slow tractor parade!
We got stuck behind the tractor parade on the way home.  Whee.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dove hunt

 Saturday was the dove shoot.  My aunt and uncle were there from Florida,  We just had a big family get together.  We swam and ate and it was fun.  At the dove hunt I only killed two.  But that is better than nothing.

We got a new calf.  His name is Crumple and he is so cute!  He is a Brown Swiss.  They make really good meat cows.  He is going to get big fast.  We got him from the animal auction.  When we put him in the field with Faith she seemed okay with him and now he is filling out from all that milk.

The chickens are laying up to 6-8 eggs a day. I am so happy!  Now I can sell eggs.  Mom wants me to put away a lot of money this year.  Fun.  huh.



New Song has started back up.  That means Tuesdays and Thursdays at the pawn shop.  And blogging.  Today I am babysitting my little sister as I type this.  She is currently reading "Lassie come home."  There was a little error on the My new blog page.  It accidentally sent you to a different site.  But I fixed it.  Yay me.

We have this tall green chair in the kitchen.  This may seem random but the next part is kind of funny.  My cat never gets off of it.  You know, Sophie?  She loves it.  She sits there all day and naps and licks herself and naps....  She loves it.

We have this little Bantam rooster named Shuck.  He is hilarious.  He likes to run behind 4 wheelers.  Don't know why. He just does.  He's been hit twice.  He jumped up in front of the 4 wheeler slammed into the front and went out the back.  He got back up and kept chasing. Goofy bird.