Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dead Bird

Who has finished Christmas shopping?  Who is almost flat broke?  Who owes your mom $17?  Me me me!  But the good news is I finished shopping.  And wrapping.  Now all we need to do is bake cookies.  My mom said she is ready for Christmas.  Me too!  But... Christmas without cookies is.... um.... well.... Christmas without cookies!  Now who wants that?  Don't answer that question!  Side bar!!

Last year my mom painted a Christmas tree on the pawn shop windows.  Lets do the math.

Tree Painting + dumb bird = Splat!

Remember the Christmas Windows from last year?  Here's a picture:

I wasn't there.  Here's how it was told to me.  One day everyone was at work and suddenly they heard a "thonk" come from the front window.  When Dad went outside to see what just crashed into the window there was a dead bird lying on the sidewalk below this tree. 

See what I mean?  That's what happened last year.

I still need to get the house pictures up.  Seven days till Christmas.  This year it is flying by fast.  It always takes forever for Christmas to get here.  Not this year.  Seems like yesterday was twenty days till'.  If you can't wait tell yourself this, "It used to be 20 days now it is 7.  You lasted 13 days you can last 7 more."

Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 days of Christmas

12 days until Christmas!  Who Is going crazy?  Who thinks it is going by to fast?  Last year it took longer for Christmas to get here. Here are 12 things to do on the twelve days of Christmas.

1. Trim the tree.

2. Have a family present wrapping party.

3. Watch a Christmas movie.

4. Go Christmas caroling.

5. Drink hot chocolate.

6. Go see Santa.

7. Bake Christmas cookies.

8. Read the Nativity story.

9. Wait.

10. Christmas party!

11. Explode with exitment that it is almost Christmas.

12.  Wait for Santa.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

where did the year go

well 21 days till Christmas... Yikes.  The year is gone.  The more you think about Christmas the longer Christmas is going to take to get here.  How many have started Christmas shopping.  I have.....barely.  I have gifts for like 3 people and I have a list of like 17.  Plus a birthday present for my sister.  So that makes it 18.  Where did the year go.  I'll tell you.  Poof.  G-o-n-e, gone.

Like that.


Here are pictures for you to view.  Plus revenge of the creeper.  If you are wondering what a creeper is it is a monster from minecraft.  It has four legs and explodes.  It is green and dangerous!  Back to the post.

Creeper revenge!

Now for pictures.

Grammar cat!
No thank you.
I don't like grammar.
Do you?

Hope you like you chicken gritty.
Or how about we have a pot cluck?
Get it? Pot cluck?  Pot luck?

Burn baby burn!
That isn't real fire.
hat is a good thing.
If it were real, hands wouldn't be in it.

"What are you looking at?
They're trying to eat me!"

"Sup' dude?"
"I'm just relaxing on the couch."
Scruffy relaxing on the couch.
Or trying to escape.

This is Sophie sleeping.
Good bye.


This is a post about deer.

  A few days ago I saw a deer at the chicken coop.  I think it was a buck within the six to eight point range.  I saw it when I was letting the chickens out.  A day or two after that I saw what I think was a doe run off in the woods when I was putting the chickens to bed. I had no idea what it was.  Was it a coyote?  A bobcat?  A Sasquatch?  The boogie man?  It about turned my legs into jelly it freaked me out so bad.  My mom said I had deer fever.  I say it was just terror.

When my dad got back from deer hunting in Grahn, KY he took my littlest sister deer hunting.  It was her first deer hunt.  Unfortunately, they didn't see anything.

Last weekend my dad took my little brother deer hunting, twice.  It was his first time deer hunting.  The first night Cole sat in the woods with dad, took a nap, and got so hungry they had to come home.  They were gone a total of 8 minutes.  Night two they headed out & Cole came back to the house alone after all of 30 minutes.  Dad stayed out and hunted until sun down.   Cole didn't get a deer. 

When my dad was at Grahn he shot a doe.  He saw a four point buck but let it walk.  He let it walk because everybody at deer camp tells him he shoots little deer.  He is more into provide food for the  family than shoot the big deer.  : )

And then there is my two deer that I shot.  The freezer is looking full.



 My dad set traps to catch the coyotes that could attack the chickens.  The thing is we haven't caught any coyotes.  Buzzards, & an oppossum.   Two buzzards to be exact.  My dad shot one and I shot one.  Other that that we haven't caught anything yet.  I said yet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas at the shop

Well...........  It happened.  Christmas bomb.........  Exploded.  At the house and at the pawn shop.  You don't believe me!?  You say November is to early for Christmas?  Tell that to Santa, who starts getting ready for Christmas December 26th.  Anyways here are pictures of the pawn shop.

Candy cane pole!
Probably shouldn't eat it though.

Stick man King Kong.
Holding a yellow woman.
On the candy cane pole.

Stampede!  they're coming out of the walls!

My mom painted that.
She got the idea for the sign from an ornament my grandmother gave me.
The sign says, "Don't shoot!  We work for Santa."

As you can see that sign says "Sale."
Doesn't sale sound weird or looks weird?
If not say it to yourself 100 times then think about it.

Merry Christmas!
As you can see this deer has a fat bottom.
The bumble bee deer!

Half off all silver.
Like the deer holding the sign.

The Christmas tree.
Looks great doesn't it.
That reminds me of something!
My mom still owes me a chocolate malt.
: )

Somebody put a Santa hat on the baseball trophy.
Don't forget about that malt mom!
: )

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Very funny joke

Here is a very funny joke a friend told me.  It will all make sense in the end.  So keep reading.

This kid has to write a report on his name for school.  He goes to his mom and asks her what the first letter of his name is.  The mom is on the phone and tells him "Shush it!"  He says "Really?  OK."

Then he goes to his brother who is watching TV in his room, and asks him what the second letter in his name is.  The TV goes "Dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna Batman!"  The kid says "OK."

Next he goes to his sister and asks her the third letter in his name.  His sister is singing along to her I pod and goes "Forever and ever!"  The kid goes "OK."

After that he goes to his dad who is watching football and asks him what the fourth letter in his name is.  His dad says "94 hit 'em hard!"  The kid says "OK."

Then he goes to his grandmother who is baking buns for breakfeast and asks her what the fifth letter in his name is.  She says "My buns are burning!  My buns are burning!"  The goes "OK."

The next day at school he reads his report.  "Shush it," he says.  "Who do you think you are?" says the teacher.  The kid says, "Dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna Batman!"  The teacher says, "How long do you want to spend in the principals office?"  The kid goes,"Forever and ever!"  When he is in the principals office the principal goes, "How many spankings do you want?"  The kid goes, "94 hit 'em hard!"  When the kid has had his spankings he goes, "My buns are burning!  My buns are burning!"

The whole time the kid was just reading his report.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Boredom has the ability to make you..

1. fill your mouth full of baby food and have someone tickle you.

2. read something educational.

3. do this.

4. eat so many cookies you toss em.  (Barf, spew, rainbow yawn, blow chunks, that stuff.)

5. spray your sister with the hose.

6. run through the house screaming "I eat bananas and blueberry fiji!"

7. buy $50 worth of silly string.

8. line your house with fire crackers and light em.

9. nothing.

10. run through the streets singing this...


Thursday, November 1, 2012

duck song

You might think this is funny...



Halloween logic

Here is some simple Halloween logic.

1. You know it has been a good Halloween when your bag starts falling apart.

2. Go to the creepy houses...they give the most candy.

3. Use good manners, you'll get bonus candy.

4. Stay away from the houses that have big wooden coffins in their yard.

5. Start early,  you'll hit more houses that way.

6. Try not to go to the same house twice.

7. If you are a boy and somebody calls you a Girl!!!!!  Not pointing fingers at mister person at the court party.  Keep walking, or turn around take off your hood and say with a girly voice thank you sir!!!!!!!!  Or just make him give you more candy. :)
8. Give out Jesus tracks. :)
9. If they say you can have a handful of candy, take a handful of candy.
10. If a man gives you a Hershey bar the size of your head, say thank you sir, at least.
How was your Halloween?
I actually did get called a girl but I was wearing a hood so who can blame him??
I did not turn around and say thank you sir in a girly voice, I just kept walking while Shelby was looking at me like,
"HA - You just got called a girl!!"
I was not happy.
Again, how was your Halloween?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pawn shop

I haven't put pictures of the pawn shop up in a while so here you go.

Whenever I need a guitar to play I play one of those.

This is some of the jewelry.

More jewelry.
Jewelry is hard to spell.
You think it is easy?
You try spelling it.

Guns... lots of guns.

Holders and hand guns too.

Climbing stand.

Tools... lots of tools too.
Come by soon.
I am usually here Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


One day my brother walks up to my mom and asks "Mom, can we make woppel-tops?"  My mom said "What?"
"What are woppel-tops?"
Then my brother held up a popsicle mold.
Here are some pictures.
Cole with the popcicle mold.

This is him making woppel-tops.
So, we made woppel-tops.
That is about all that needs to be said.

Deer hunting

My dad and I went deer hunting a few days ago on youth hunt.  While we were sitting there two yearlings and their mother come walking in.  The yearlings bent down to eat.  The mom was up looking and walking around.  I had a good shot at her and my dad told me to shoot her so I did.  She jumped and took off running, stumbling while she ran.  One of the yearlings dissapeared and the other one just ran a little and just stood there looking around.  I told my dad one of the younger deer was still there and to give another bullet.  I loaded my 243 with another single shot.  When I shot that one She just dropped to the ground.  We got the yearling easily.  The mom however.........  She was in the woods somewhere.  My dad found her and she was Huge.
My dad had to gut her to make her lighter so we could put her on the 4 wheeler.

This is me with both the deer I shot.

When we got home it was time to call friends and family to tell them I got a deer.....
And time to gut the deer...
It was late when we finished with the deer.
When we went inside I took a bath and had a sandwich.

Chickens flapping

OK so.  Who knows what happens when you yank a chickens tail when it is on the roosting bar???


Want to know what happens when you yank the tail a lot?

Flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap!!

My sister took two red armies (red pullets)  And started pulling.  Here is what happened.

Flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap!!

Except it was chicken 1, chicken 2, chicken 1, chicken 2.
It is funny.  My sister discovered it when we were playing in the coop when the chickens were in bed.
While we were out there I put my hand in front of a mystery chicken and it bit/pecked me.  I think it was Willie.  He is one of my roosters.  I still don't know who it was.  My dad thought the chickens flapping when you yank their tail was funny.  It is funny.  We also held some chickens.  It was fun.  When you hold a chicken and move it around a little its head stays in the same spot.  When you take Spark and flip her bottom up her tail feathers expand.  Spark is my sister's chicken.

Lots of flapping.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


We've had 2 opossum visits this week.  First our dog went into the woods, came out with a opossum in his mouth and laid it in the grass.  A couple of days later the dog brought us another one.  Both of them were laying in the grass looking dead.  Here is how to tell if an opossum is dead or just playing dead:

If he is dead, when you shoot him in the head, he will just lay there. 
If he is alive, when you shoot him in the head he will start squirming and rolling around.
There is simple opossum logic.

And why do you have to spell it opossum!?!?  Why not possom or possum!?!?





This is Shelby mimicking Sophie.
Freak out!

This is Cole.
The bench hog.


This is Scruffy eating sour cream.
With his face in the container.

Frizz as a mom.
I miss frizz. :(

Scruffy with a chicken on him.
I don't even think he cares.

Baby buff orpington.
Now the buff orpingtons are huge.


Thursday, October 4, 2012


I can't really think of anything to post.
Wait I know!
The poo tat song!!!

Poo tat song

Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh
Break it down now,
Poo ta tat ta tat,
uh uh uh uh word,
Poo ta tat ta tat,
uh uh uh uh word.
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat uh uh uh,
Poo tat......

That was the Poo tat song.  Poo tat is Sophie our "Put me down!" when you hold her cat.  what's next..........hm.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Bacon!  No............................

 Black Jack.
Bath time!

The end.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random pics.

I just updated random pics so you should check it out.

Dove hunt

About two weeks ago my family had a dove hunt.  They have one every year.  At the begining all the guys and a few girls come and shoot dove for like 3 hours.  This year we all got t-shirts.  this year we brought my 4-10 shotgun for me to shoot dove with.  Guess what?  I got my first dove. 

Let me try to explain what it is like to try to shoot a dove.  Dove are extremely fast.  Dove are also small.  Trying to shoot a dove is like trying to shoot a missel.  A very small, very fast missel.  I hit one.   I didn't kill it but I dropped it.  When my dad and I found it my dad was chasing it around while it flopped trying to get away.  My dad shot like 20 but only found (or atempted to find) 15.  15 is the limit.  I was 14 away.  Once my dad shot one and it landed right next to him.  The next Saturday we went dove hunting again.  I shot another.  It was flying almost right in front of us and I dropped it right there.  All toghether my dad said I killed 2 and hit another.  Here are pics of the hunt.
This is someone cleaning a dove.
Pretty gross right?
This is a family picture.
Everybody in the brown t-shirt went dove hunting.
I think my cousin in the camo shirt did too.
This is me carrying ziplock bags to the people cleaning the dove.
My mom made me stop an let her take a picture.
This is my dad and other family cleaning dove.
Happy hunting,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lake Patoka

We went on a vacation with our friends to Lake Patoka for about 3 days.  We went tubing, boating, we swam in the lake and even went to a cave.  We have pictures to so here they are.
This is me Andie and dad on a tube.
Tubing is lots of fun until you wipe out.
Then it is no fun.
My mom says falling off the tube is fun.

This is me and Shelby on the tube... couch... thingy.
We had a wipe out.
I was thrown off first and pretty much just fell in the lake and got water in my eyes and nose.
According to my mom Shelby did somersaults in the air and hit the lake with a,

This is cole wearing a life vest.
Does he look happy to you?

This is just something I did to a picture of Sophie.......

Now it's rock-Spot.
This is my mom and dad on a tube.
My mom was going to jump off but that backfired.
When she told my dad she was going to do that he put an arm across the tube and held on to a handle so she couldn't.
This is me and my dad sitting at a fire.
Now for pictures of us at Marengo Cave.

This is me posing to throw a penny on the penny ceiling.
Things stick to the ceiling because it is clay.
Some people threw keys and credit cards.
One lady threw her ring.
But they got it down.

This is some of the cave.

That is the penny ceiling.
Pretty neat right?
It was fun at the lake but it's good to be back.