Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Roosters on Death Row


While I was in Florida my dad called and gave us the news that Pigeon, my favorite chicken  had died.  Pigeon was the leader of the flock and the protector of the hens.  Whenever a rooster was being mean to a hen Pigeon would run over and cut them off.  Now, Pigeon is dead and there is no one to protect the hens.  Polly was getting attacked by the roosters and only has 2 feathers in her bottom right now.  That is why we killed 3 roosters.

It all happened yesterday.  Andie and I stayed in the house and watched TV. Dad, Mom, Shelby, and Cole killed 3 roosters.  In the the morning my dad and I let out the hens & left the 3 unlucky rooster's in the coop.

After church the chicken slaughter started.  When my mom went to get chicken number one Morris escaped from the coop.  He took off like a rocket.  Dad went and got his gun.  You can guess what happens next.
My Dad tried a new chicken killing technique.  Instead of hanging the bird from his feet and cutting the head off (which got blood all over the barn) - Dad decided to cut off the head in the yard.  Dad put his foot on the chicken to hold it still and cut his head off.  He only did it once.  Why? 

Because it did back flips down the hill and into the woods.  Without a head. 

Chicken still doing back flips - headless.

This is Cole while the chicken was doing headless back flips.


Here is a chicken murderer in training.

In this picture my and Dad and Cole were trying to get the skin off the first chicken.  They squished it and it said, "BOOARQ".  It was headless & dead, but when you squeeze them they still make noise.  Cole said, "Dad, I think he said he doesn't want to be dead."  

My little brother Cole now has 4 chicken feet.  Mom says chicken feet can be used to make soups. Our chickens feet are caked in poop and gross - I don't think the soup would be very good.   My mom took the pictures of the chicken slaughter. 


  1. haha look at Cole. He is a great murder. I need to come over and help you kill chickens one day...

    1. You can help my mom and dad but I won't help.


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