Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cat trap

We have had a problem with a raccoon eating the chickens.  Again.  Well, we usually lose half our flock in the winter.  So I went out to check the trap and caught our neighbors cat.  Why?  We used sardines as bait.  I bet we had every cat in the county lined up outside of the cage.  The best part?  I forgot to tell our neighbors.

Spring chickens are kind of wimpy.  We need some not wimpy winter chickens.  But taking care of chicks in the spring and summer is easier than in the winter.  For instance, at least one rooster gets frostbite.

Poor Foghorn Leghorn
Those photos are kind of old.
Now the top part of his comb is completely black.
It stinks but he will live.


Birthday party

Well.  Mom planned a surprise birthday party for me.  I had no idea.  This happened on my actual birthday.  All of my best friends were there.  It was awesome.  First it was our neighbors.  Then three other families.  We had an airsoft war, rode 4-wheelers, played Wii, ate good food, talked, roasted marshmallows, it was awesome.  When one of the families showed up they said that they were getting instructions on how to take care of the animals while we were at Frip.  They also acted surprised that it was my birthday.  I fell for it.  I had tons of fun.

This is a little late because I never got around to publishing it, but I thought you might want to know.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The chronicles of Duke No.1

W have a basset hound named Duke.  He has a very limited vocabulary.  It consists of, "Hi. My name's Duke."  "Cheese!"  "Poor me!"  And sometimes, "Evil cheese!"  Shelby is working on a post kind of like this but I started this last night and she copied me.


Duke has this stuffed pig.  He loves the pig.  He got it for Christmas and it has only lost an ear.  That is a pretty good run for a well loved dog toy.  He'll do about anything for the pig.  Like play ice skater.  Tee Hee.  He can barely get a grip on the laminate flooring in the kitchen.  He likes to chase the pig.  Put that together and what do you get?  Hours of entertainment.  Who needs I pads?  We have a dog.  This one time my little brother threw the pig too close to Duke's water bowl.  BLAM!!  Water and dog are everywhere.  My little brother got to clean that up.  It's pretty funny.


Monday, January 26, 2015


It was snowing.  In April!  We have the stock tank that we swim in filled with water.  Sheesh.  I hope it passes soon.  I am not in the mood for any snow days.  As my dad said, "This weather is nuts.  The winter that won't end."  I agree. 

I caught another cold.  And no I did not eat a train this time.  Humph.  It sucks.  My nose stdecided to try to kill me.  I hope it goes away.

A note to you followers of my blog.  You can comment now!  Give it a shot.  But be warned,  only certain people can comment.


Meat chicks

You know those 50 cent chicks my mom got.  They are meat chicks.  How do we know this?  Well for one they eat too much food to be normal chickens.  They have poop stuck to their bums.  And they are ugly.  All the signs of being a meat chicken.  We moved Whitey, Rocky, Silver, Turkey junior, and Cravin out with the other chickens.  The other night, Whitey was out side.  Yay!  But she stood in a corner all day.  Why?  Because when she went out she got attacked.  Yep.  And her friends are being treated as the odd ones out.  But I think that the other chickens will warm up to them eventually.


Don't let your son grow up to be a cowboy

My little brother had the idea that he should ride our steer calf Crumple.  So Dad said he would take him up there and put him on Crumple.  Crumple is a Brown Swiss.  The laziest cow in the world.  Not when people are jumping on him.  Dad didn't think that my little brother would get on Crumple.  He did.  So dad is petting Crumple then out of no where.  Boing!  My little brother is riding a cow.  Dad was surprised so he grabbed my little brother and yanked him off the cow.  So he rode Crumple for all of 1.2 seconds.  Not exactly a whole ride but not bad for a first time!

So yeah.  We found out how to get Crumple to move.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter has some of my least favorite things.

I just posted about how winter has some of my favorite things.  Here are some of the worst things about winter.

1. Snow.  Like I said snow should be in a category all it's own.

2.  Working in sub zero weather.

3.  Working in snow.

4.  The cold.

5.  The fact that the heat pump can't keep the entire house warm.
But we have a fireplace.

6. Everything is frozen.

7.  Having to break the cows water with a sledge hammer.

8.  Hauling 500 lbs. of fire wood to the garage.

9.  School.

10.  It gets dark out at 5:30

And there you have it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter has few of my favorite things.

As the title implies there aren't many good things about winter.  Except a few....

1.  Snow
Snow should have a category of it's own.  There are about 5 good things.  And about 50 bad ones.

2.  Sledding
This would also go under the category of snow

3.  Fires
These are always fun to have in our wood burning fireplace.

4.  Soup
(Mainly beef stew.)

5.  Hot chocolate
Wouldn't be winter without it.

6.  Watching movies inside.

7.  Playing games inside

8.  Sledding while attached to the back of a moving 4-wheeler.

9.  Christmas

10.  Staying up until midnight on New year's eve.

There you have it.  A few good things about winter.


Welcome to 2015!  Another year.  2014 went by pretty fast for me.  And now Christmas break is over and it is back to getting up at 6:20 in the morning.  Joy.

Who had a good Christmas?  I did. But it went by too fast.  Faster than last year.  Which is way too fast.

We went to a new year's party at our neighbors house.  So we got to stay until midnight.  I mainly just played video games the whole time.  It was fun.

What stinks is that we aren't getting any snow.  We got, what?  One snowfall this winter?  Before Christmas.  We might get some Monday but I doubt that.  How about some rain in really, really cold weather?  That would work.  But no.  Just rain in 40 degree weather.  But I'm sure we'll get some snow soon.



-1. It was -1 degrees at eight o clock.   The best part?  Our heater is broken. Joy. So now there is a fire in the fire place. The only place with heat is the basement. And my room. Lucky me. I don't have to freeze to death at night now.

When I went to let my chickens out this morning their water was completely frozen. The whole way through. Shelby has to break up crumples water with a shovel. She can't just dump it over like I do. Her water tank is 100 gallons.

I don't know how the cats do it.  They have to live outside in the freezing weather. Then again there are those thick coats.

Wrong picture. 

There we go. 
I think that would keep you warm outside in this weather. 
Last year the cats huddled together in a one cat bed. 
Stay warm.