Tuesday, March 12, 2013

dog meets car

Well it happened.   It always does.  The dog got hit by a car.  Our last dog, Dusty, got hit twice...... and lived.  Mom and Dad's first dog, Luke, got run over by a SUV and survived (driven by my mom).  It was eventually going to happen.  You are probably wondering if Champ is dead.  Well....... no!  He is alive and well.  My mom almost hit me but we will get to that. 

It started when we heard a honk.  We were in the woods working on the cow fence.  After hearing the honk my mom freaked out because the dog had gone up there.  When she went to check she saw the dog laying on the side of the road, on his back, kicking his legs.  She screamed for my dad to go get the dog.  Then she told my brother and I to go in the house and play Wii.  While we were walking down to the house the dog came running to us.  Dad said the dog crawled around for a minute on the side of the road, wobbled around & then came running to him.  He said the dog was OK.  So my brother and I ran down to the house to tell mom who went to get the car.  That is when she almost hit me. But she saw me.  We told her the dog was OK.  The girls were coming up from the forts because mom told them to go inside and watch a movie.  The reason she called us in is because she though dad was going the have to shoot the dog. 

Champ had a bad case of diareah for the afternoon and puked 4 times.  Other than being a little shook up, he was fine.  The next day Champ was his old self.  Well, praise the Lord Champ is OK.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

I can fly...sort of

I got my flight simulator on Thursday.  I got it installed and ready to fly with a joystick by Friday afternoon.  I crashed, and crashed, and crashed, and crashed and crashed, and spun out of control and crashed some more.  I tried starting one engine at a time - but would spin out of control before I could turn the other engine on - and CRASH.  After a day of crashing, spinning, and sitting on the run way I figured out how to get the joystick to callabrate & get a plane in the air.  I was finally flying.  I could only figure out how to start two planes - out of about 50 - so I could fly 2 planes.  Flying is easy.  Landing is deadly. 

Flight simulator is fun.

Yesterday, I got the yoke with all the levers and things I needed to start the other 48 planes. The yoke has a throttle that starts the plane.  Now I can push up on a lever and fly!  I also have a button that triggers the pilot ejector seat. 

Last night me, Shelby, Andie, and Cole were playing plane.  I was the pilot.  Ouch.  A cat would have used all of it's nine lives in the first half hour.  Sometimes I would try to crash the plane and use the ejector seat while my siblings crashed.  Mainly what happened is I either hit the wrong button and went with them or they were flying without a pilot when I ejected and the plane "magically" pulled up.  He he he.

Flying, flying....


Happy flying,

Chicken leg

I had two chicken legs for lunch the other day.  You are probably thinking what is so exciting about a chicken leg.  I would be too.  Unless you knew what I know.  Because I know what makes this chicken leg extraordinary.  It was....  Brace your self.  Deformed.  Mutated.  Weird.  Crippled.  This chicken had problems.

This is the wrong leg.
This is a healthy chicken leg.
What cheap operation am I working in here?
I wanted the other leg.

There we go.
Shrimp anyone?
Chicken leg?
Child humor alert
If you are over the age of 13 you will not think this is funny.
It looks like Moby Dick.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Now go eat a deformed chicken leg will you?
That was an order.  Not a question.

Eggs n' stuff

I am selling eggs at the pawnshop.  We are spilling eggs out of our ears.  Luckilly we just got 100 egg cartons.  That will help.  Mainly because we barely ever have any cartons at our house.  So now I can box them and sell them for $3 a dozen.  My mom says I can only get baby chicks if I start selling eggs.  So lets sell sell sell! 

We are going to make a sign to put in the pawn shop that lets people to talk to me for farm fresh eggs.  That will help with selling.  The problem with me is that I can't start the conversation with the person to sell eggs.  My mom however.......  Yeah.  How can I put this nicely.   Yap yap yap yap yap.  Blah blah blah blah eggs blah blah $3 blah blah blah.  Jabber jabber jabber.  Me. ............um.........................well............................yeah..................................  Then the person leaves before I get the guts up to talk to him.  Pure people skills.

Talk more

music recital

We had a music recital at Crawdaddy Music.  Me and my sisters each played in it.  I ended up playing 4 songs instead of my original 2.  My music teacher asked me to help him accompany the other guitarists.  As in, I walked in for the recital, ready to play my 2 songs & my teacher recruits me to play 2 more (that I had not practiced).  Yeah. 

Shelby and I did a duet.  We played Victory in Jesus.   Then I played I walk the Line. Shelby also played Spring Song.  Andie played Yankee Doodle and The Talking Clock.  This one kid played what I think is called the Saber Dance which was crazy.  Here are pictures of the recital.

This is me accompanying a girl playing  My heart will go On from Titanic. 
The other song I played back up for was Dust In the Wind.
The old, groovy, dude in the blue shirt is my teacher, Rob Houze.   He is laid back, nice, and throws a good recital.  Mr. Houze is awesome.  I love him.  If you live anywhere near Crawdaddy Music you need to take lessons from Mr. Houze.  Even if you don't live anywhere near Crawdaddy Music you should drive as far as you have to and take lessons from him. 

This is me and Shelby playing Victory in Jesus.

Here is Andie.

This is just Shelby.

This is me and my music teacher playing I Walk the Line
The best part of the recital was probably the food.
When everybody was done playing there was all sorts of junk spread out over 2 tables.
I told my sister to eat before mom gets here, because she is a freak about this stuff.
When mom got there she said not to ruin dinner.
I told her, and I quote, "Too late."