Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Well spring is coming around and I can't say I'm unhappy about that.  Finally after eight inches of snow we are through winter.  My Mom has already started her garden.  That means weeds to pull, plants to water, and vegetables to harvest.

At least it's warmer out.  The chickens will finally come out of the coop.  After spending all winter cooped up they have decided to come out and play..  We are leaving the chickens and ducks in the fence around the coop so we can grow grass.

The chickens have no problem getting around.  They run, flap, walk.  The ducks didn't get much chance to exercise before we tuned them loose.  When they go down the ramp from the chicken coop they fall off it.  Graceful.

We even have names for the ducks.  Gimpy Limpy, (Ping), Goosey Loosey, (Sonny), and Ducky Lucky, (Filbert).  Ping has a limp.  I think I already told you that.  So he was dubbed the name, Gimpy Limpy.  Though his limp is better now.  One of the ducks has figured out how to go up the ramp now!  Shelby is very happy about that.  Though she still has to put the other two in the coop.

And recently we have put the baby chickens out with the big chickens, and they have figured out how to get out of the fence.  So that makes the evenings more interesting.  They get out and can't get back in.  So it becomes my job to get them back into the coop.