Thursday, October 31, 2013


The pigs are back from the butcher.  We just ate porker for breakfast.  He was yummy.  Our freezers are filled with pig.  If dad gets a deer we are going to buy another freezer from Lowes.  Lots of pig. 
I am glad they are dead.
Mom actually liked raising pigs.
But she admitted that chickens were easier.
I was right when I told her that.
As you would say...
They were pigs.
Henry is huge.  He has at least tripled in size.
He tried to play with Cole the other day.
Cole sat down and started crying.
It's pretty funny.

Sleep over

I got to spend the night with my grandparents last week.  It was soooooooooooooooooooo much fun.  I had an eye doctor appointment.  It turns out I don't need glasses any more.  Yay!  The appointment was at the mall.  I got some new hiking boots from the Dick's at the mall.  Then we ate at Bj"s and I got the news that I could spend another night.  I was so excited.  I love staying the night with them.  I hope to do it again some time.


Hyper hyping

Shelby and I saw the first Christmas commercial the other night.  That has to be a record.  I think that as soon as Halloween is over that a wave of Christmas is going to hit like a tsunami.  The commercial was for pets mart.  Apparently "Santa" has a dog.  A small brown and white dog.  I think they should at least wait until November for the first commercial of Christmas.  Then there was the radio.  On 10/24/2013 the first Christmas radio commercial hit us.  Maybe the tsunami will hit before Halloween. Oh well. The world is crazy.  Christmas crazy.

Turkey is still molting. And she is still ugly.  And funny.  Gandalf is bigger than turkey. Which is an achievement.  Turkey weighs at least 10 pounds. If Gandalf is bigger that that......  Wow.  That is one big chicken.  But he is NOT dinner.  My mom even likes him.  That is good.

Henry is growing.  I'd say he is at least gotten two times bigger than when he was born.  And he is getting nubs where his horns will be.


Thursday, October 24, 2013


This is a post about hunting. I don't care squat about what you think of this post.  If you don't like it then read something else. 

And so begins the hunting season.  I went out Saturday and Sunday on youth weekend but didn't see anything.  My friend got a buck.  It had a weird bent antler.  But he got one.  Lucky. But I think I will be going muzzle loading.  This week is when muzzle loading starts.  Muzzle loaders sound like a cannon.  But they don't kick that hard.  So I will give it a shot.  No pun intended.  Hopefully I will have the same luck I had last year.  Here are pictures.
Mom followed me around with a camera as I was leaving.

Happy hunting.

piggy death

Last Wednesday the pigs got sent to slaughter.  I helped corral the pigs into the trailer. It was muddy but pretty funny. The pigs didn't want to cooperate.  Porker didn't like being cooped up and Zorro was acting like an idiot.  Shelby and I stayed home. I wish I would have gone.  Here are some pictures.
Cole thought the trailer stank.
I thought it smelled like a farm.
It smelled good.
My mom took pictures of us in the trailer.
Cole still thought it stank.

This is the trailer.
Porker was 300 pounds on the nose.

The pigs had numbers spray painted on their backs so the butcher would know which pigs were ours.  There were 7 pigs delivered that same day.  They all had numbers.
Porker is # 6.
Zorro is #7.

This is our pigs with the other pigs.
Guess which are ours.

See you later

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pet review

This is how lazy Scruffy is.
He doesn't care if you put a Chicken on him.
The only thing he is scared of is the 4-wheelers.
Though I gave him a ride once.
He is practically fearless.
This is Sophie.
She is scared by everything.
Except the dog.
She hates the dog.
If we got a second dog she would leave.
But she loves me.
And she is really sweet in the morning or at night.
Or when she is lonely.
This is Velvet.
Don't be fooled.
She is the BIGGEST Chicken cat ever.
I can barely get close to her without her bolting.
This is Champ.
He is the sweetest dog ever.
He wishes he was a lap dog.
But his size won't stop him from getting in your lap.
All of these chickens are dead.
Except for two.
The little one in the bottom left corner.
And the big black one still live.
The others' deaths are for another time.

Green hand

This is how it started.  We made wood pumpkins and I helped put the second coat on the stems.  I decided to paint my hand green.  Then I painted my arm green. Then mom took pictures.
The creepy hand of doom.
My mom says this picture is awesome.
I think so too.

This is a comparison.
Green or not green.
That is the question.

Fun with paint.
These are the pumpkins we made.
The pumpkin patch.

Cole's - like the Cyclops?


Andie Kay made chicken pumpkins.

These are mine.
Happy fall!


First week of October everybody.  Today is the first week of October.  Why am I saying this you ask?  Stores are already hyping Christmas!  It isn't even Halloween!  You think they could at least wait 'till Halloween is over.  It's crazy!

Henry is getting bigger.  Or so I'm told.  I can't tell the difference.  But he is now extremely playful.  He loves to climb the dirt pile in the pasture. He also loves to run around the field like a race horse.

Grouse, his spouse, and his kids are all dead.  Moving on.

The year sure went by fast.  Next time you blink it will be Christmas. Then the new year to do it all over again.  And school.  lots of school. But it is kind of fun.  I think math is fun.  Not the reading and correcting though.

Poo tat!

A normal conversation.

If you read the latest post at the milkin parlor you will see that I am a copy cat. If not read this first.

Here is a normal conversation between the dog and my cat.
This is my cat.
She hates the dog.
This is the dog.
He loves the cat.
He is also scared to death of her.
Let's begin.
"Let's play!"
"No... Hey! get off my tail!  hissssssssssssssssssssss!"
"AHHH! Scary kitty!  Run! Help! Murder! Fire!"
"Idiot dog."
lick lick lick lick lick lick.
The licks are my cat licking herself.
She is constantly licking.
When she goes through trauma she lick a ton!
Like when we go to Florida.
We get back and the cat is half bald.
One time my dad said that I had enough cat hair in my room to build another cat.
She is a licker.
She is also half feral.
So sometimes she is a big chicken.
Sometimes she screams for us to pet her.
Oh yes.  My mom finished the last Grouse the mouse post.
So you didn't get to hear the names of the rest of the mice.
Bill, Frank, and Charlotte.