Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Eight days until Christmas!  This year is going by really fast!  Super fast!  Too fast.  But let's not forget what Christmas is about.  Jesus' birth.  Sometimes we get all caught up in the season and forget what it is really about.  So let's try to remember that it's not about the presents.  It's about Jesus....and Garfield strips.  You know?  The Christmas ones?  Those are my favorite kind.  Ok I got a little off subject there.  Just think.  You want Christmas to get here and then, boom, it's over.  So savor it while you can.


I ate a train..... sort of.

Mom thought this was funny.  I thought it hurt.  Here's how it began.

The other night I was laying in bed eating an apple and listening to a CD.  (Yes this is a true story.)  The next thing I knew I ate a train.  Apparently I had fallen a sleep and had a pretty crazy dream.  So I ate a train and woke up around 6:30am, with the worst stomach ache ever.  It felt like my insides were eating themselves while parasites ate my insides while someone was punching me in the stomach.  Ouch.  So I laid there trying to survive.  Eventually it died down and I got a drink of water.  The water made me want to barf.  So I laid down on the floor of my room.  I heard Dad downstairs and went to see if he could help.  He gave me 2 Rolaids.  I still wanted to barf.  Then I asked mom.  I got to stay in my room all day.  Big fun.  And by last night I was 100% better.  Really.  Ask my Mom.

On another note,
Here is my deer story.

Dad and I were sitting in a deer stand when he saw a deer.  Then another one came in behind it.  Then another!  I couldn't stop shaking!  One of them saw us and was staring at us.  Dad said to go ahead and take a shot at one of the deer.  I hit one and destroyed it's shoulder!  It ran off.  The other two were still there!  I shot the other!  It took off running.  I could have killed the third one, but Dad said no.  When we found the first one I had to shoot it in the neck.  The other was already dead.  And guess what. I killed a mom and one of her Children again!  Cool right?  Oh yeah.  Dad said I have to gut the next one.  Oh boy.


CHristmas! again......

I think I will be doing a lot of posts called Christmas for the next 15 days.  Oh and as of 12/10/2013 it is 15 days until Christmas! Yay!  Oh yes, and my sister turned 12 yesterday.  Happy birthday to her!  Not much to do now accept bake the cookies and wait for "Santa".  Anyways, really exciting!  We got tons of snow over the past few days.  Today even!  I'd say we got about six inches.  We have been doing lots of sleigh riding and 4-wheeler dragging.  That is when we hook up a sled to the 4-wheeler and pull the victim on the sled around the property.  You should have seen my sister yesterday!  I should have taken pictures.  Hmm.

That's all for now,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Well I got all the Christmas shopping done.  It was fun.  Kind of stinks I am done.  But I can't wait until Christmas so I can give the gifts away.  That is the best part.

The very first picture on my blog.
Been a while hasn't it.
The first chickens.
Oh how I hated them.
Every night we had to throw things at them to get them out of the trees.
Then we corralled them into the coop.
We had to do this because they were scared of the coop.
Death by raccoon.


Well.  I already finished my Christmas shopping.  Yeah.  It was pretty darn expensive.  But I got it done.  Now I just need to wrap it all. I also need wrapping paper.  Ugh.  But when mom goes to the dollar store we can get some. So much fun!  I love helping mom wrap presents.  The hardest part is waiting until Christmas to give it away!  Try this. The day this was typed 12/3/2013 is the correct data for this equation. Blink your eyes 362800 times and it will be Christmas.  Seriously do the math.  I did it.  With a computer.

Merry Christmas,


Deer season ended.  Sunday was the last day.  Dad and I went out on Sunday night.  It was cold. Very cold.  Then it happened.  Dad saw a deer. I couldn't see it but I could hear it.  Then I saw it.  We watched it and another one came in behind it.  Then another one! 

Three deer headed for the feeder.  The first and third ones started eating.  The second stood there and watched me and dad.  The second one, lets call it Sam.  Sam, kept watching us.  Dad said go ahead and get into position.  So very slowly I trained my gun on the third one.  BAM!  She took off running, stumbled and ran some more.  The other two were still there!  So I shot the one in front.  BAM!  She took off running.  I almost shot the third one, but dad said no.  It would have been to hard to get it to the house. 

We found the first one.  It wasn't dead so I had to shoot it through the neck.  Then we found the other.  She was already dead.  We got the 4-wheeler and gutted them.  I helped cut the skin off one.  Now dad just needs to get the meat off.


Deck the bed with lots of lights!

I decked out my sisters bed with eight strands of Christmas lights.  At first when I told everybody they thought I had decorated the multi-purpose room.  Not the girls bedroom.  My sister was freaking out when she found out it was is her room.  She freaked even more when she saw her bed.
It was fun.  I told her, "Good luck sleeping tonight."  But then we took the lights down.  It started as an extra strand of green lights.  Then a strand of red and blue.  Then Kay and I went all out and added a box of green 2 whites 2 multicolor.  It was fun.