Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween to everybody!  To celebrate I have added some special things to my blog and this post.  See if you can spot them. In the meantime we got to draw on pumpkins this year and our parents carved them out.  Here are our pumpkins.
This is Shelby`s.

This is mine.
This is Cole`s (he didn't draw his - he just told mom to make it mean)
This is Andie`s.
This is all of ours together
Happy Halloween,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fenced in.

A couple days ago we fenced the chickens in the garden.  We did this so my dad could lay down grass seed.  Before that the chickens would eat all his grass seed.  We would try to chase them away from the seed, but when we left they would just come back again for more.  That is a problem.  So that is how they got fenced in. 

UH-OH. Forgot something.  We covered all their escape routes except one.  They are flying over the gate!  But that is not a problem because my dad and I stretched a section of chicken wire across the top of the gate where they were flying over.   The chicken wire starts about 4 1/2 feet off the ground.  So if you open the gate - it is open from the 4 ft point down & straight in front of you there is an evil chicken fence staring at your face. This morning I was leaving the garden minding my own business when I clotheslined my face.  My face was numb for quite some time.  But it is better now.  My mom was in the garden with me.  She ducked.  When my face hit the fence she laughed.  I think Mom is still laughing. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A couple days ago we had a wreck in our peach grove.  It took out one of our neighbors tree and our phone, Internet and electricity wires. It took out the entire telephone pole, so anything that was connected to that pole was laying on 42.  So, nothing coming from wires worked at our house for a day.
 Here are the pictures.
Fire Engine, ambulances, cops, EMT,everyone came out for the occasion.  Even the
Trimble County Sheriff was there.

This is her car.  She said she sneezed and lost control.  I am glad she is OK. 

Here is the half of out telephone that was still standing.

Here is the other half of the pole. 

Here is what is left of the peach tree.
The firefighters had to use some HUGE electric clamps to cut her out of the car.  The car doors wouldn't open & they couldn't get her out of the car without them.
They took her to the hospital.  Her hand was bleeding - but she was walking, alert and seemed OK.

Because the power lines were in the road the traffic was backed up way, way, way, way far away. 

Everything is cleaned up and I think the person in the wreck is okay.
Hope you liked the pictures (I took them).

King kong

A couple days ago my mom shot a deer.  Everybody was happy.  What does this have to do with King Kong well here it is!
My mom King konging.  I think it is funny.  My mom thinks it is funny too.  Her first deer got eaten.  This is what it looks like now.
We has some for dinner Sunday night.  It was delicious.  My mom shot a good deer.  To bad it wasn`t a buck.

Here is another picture of my mom & her deer.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pecking at the door.

Here's what happened this morning.  Mom comes in my room and opens my window at 6:50 and says, "Listen to this."  I heard, "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" (say that for 30 more minutes).  The sun wasn't even up and the hens were probably miserable in the coop with all that crowing.   It was loud in my room 50 yards away from the Rooster Alarm clock - that doesn't have a snooze button. 

Later, this morning Mom heard pecking at the door.  My mom and I went with my sister to see who wanted in.  Not everyone sees this at their front door.  So we took pictures of them. This is what we saw this morning:

4 Chickens - Do you think they want to hand us Jesus tracks & invite us to church?  That's pretty much the only people who tap at our front door out here.  

This is a wet chicken.  Notice all the curly feathers that usually swoop upward are all sagging.  Also see the spikey, hair-gelled, hair-doo around his neck - all from the rain.

I think this one looks like he's dancing.  "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.  What a glorius feeling please let me in your house." 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dramatic Chipmunk

This song is hilarious. I hope you like it.  He has a bunch of hilarious songs.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Do not worry Bambi lovers.  I will not kill Bambi...

I will only kill his daddy.



Well, farm kids know something that city kids may not know.  They know where food comes from.  Like:  eggs come from chickens.  And milk comes from cows.  And wool comes from sheep.  Guess where chicken tenders come from?  .......... chickens. 

 You know how when you buy a chicken at Walmart it doesn't say "hen" or "rooster" on the packaging?  I think they are roosters.  Here in the country people eat their roosters and keep their hens for eggs.

We brought home 22 chickens this summer.  It is turning out that some of them are making rooster noises and growing combs.  What does this have to do with food?  Here's the thing, hens give us eggs.  Roosters give us (at least around here):  chicken tenders, chicken casserole, chicken pot pie, chicken caccatori, chicken soup. chicken hash, chicken sandwich, chicken salad, chicken tetrazinni, fried chicken, baked chicken, roasted chicken, and grilled chicken!  That sounds good.  I'm hungry. 

Well, the roosters are going to get eaten - by us.  So I am not very happy.  But my mom is going to buy me new chickens for the ones that we eat.  So, now I am OK with it.  One more thing, we still have a hen who seems to be crowing.  It is very weird.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This weekend was youth weekend.  That means if you are 12 years old or under you could hunt with a rifle for free.  My dad and I spent about 2 days in the tree stand.  Sunday evening My dad and I were out for our third hunt (this weekend).  Just when we were going to leave I poked my dad and said, "deer!"  When I pointed to it he said, "Don`t point."  So I told him where it was.  It took him a couple minutes to find it (because the sun was setting).  A bit after he saw it I started aiming at it with my gun.  It started walking towards us.  It walked into a clear shot area.  I fired.  When I fired my dad wasn`t exactly ready.  He said he saw it jump when I fired my gun.  Dad said deer don`t usually jump unless you hit them.  After a little waiting we went to search for the deer. We couldn't` find it because it was too dark.  So we decided to try to find it in the morning.  My dad asked our neighbor to help us search for it in the morning.  Yesterday morning we searched and searched and searched.  At the end we found some muscle and hair in 2 different places.  But it turns out that I shot low and the deer is still alive...rats.  So that is the story of my deer.
If you need me I will be in our tree stand.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This song is hilarious everybody at my house is always singing it. I hope you like it too.


What is it?

Guess what this is... ... ... is it animal?  Is it mineral?  Is it dinner?  Is it meteorite?  is it coral?  Here is looks like the moon.

Now it looks like the beach on a bad day.

Now it looks like bacteria.

Done guessing?  Well here it is.

It is a squash!  It looks like this because it is moldy.  Who knew moldy squash could look like that?  Not me.