Saturday, August 20, 2011


We got 22 new chickens today and traded in the old ones. I have 17 chickens my,9 year old sister has 1, my 6 year old sister has 2, and my little brother has 2. We got rid of our old chickens because I forgot to close the coop one night. Since the door was open a raccoon or something got into the coop and had a chicken dinner (a 12 chicken dinner).  Needless to say, the chickens are a little afraid of the coop now.  Which means we have a 4 person chicken rodeo every night to get the chickens in the coop.  The rodeo was fun for me, but not my parents.  We are a month later and still having chicken rodeo's every night..... not so fun anymore. 

We traded our old chickens and got the new ones today.  I had to get my 6 into cages this morning to take them to the new farm.  I couldn't catch 2 of them and Mom had to help.  When I gave up the chicken wrangling, my mom said,''You have to help me get them in the dog cages or you have to shoot them."so I then got to helping and we got them in the cages.

The car ride with 6 chickens was horrible.  Dad forgot to leave his truck, so we had Mom, 4 kids and 6 chickens in a mini-van.  If you think that is bad.  On the way home we had Mom, 4 kids covered with chicken poop and 22 chickens in the mini-van.  It stunk so bad. 

There was chicken poop all over us..... all over the inside of mom's mini-van....... all over the 2 dog kennels we used to transport chickens........... all over the 4 wheeler (we used to get the dog kennels full of chickens to the coop)........... and all over us (did I say that?).  It was a disaster.  We spent almost the whole morning and half the afternoon chasing chickens, cleaning chicken funk off things, moving chickens and cleaning the coop.  Here are pictures of our new chickens.


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  1. Hey Parker that was really funny It made us laugh. This looks great the Yorks will be sure to follow. Keep up the good work and tell everyone we said hi.


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