Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Home again

It sure is nice to be home.  There are tons of pictures that I am going to put up in this post.  There are also going to be stories related to the pictures.

These are the pictures of the Orlando zoo.
These are some ducks we saw.
They were in a cage with a toucan a sloth and some other type of bird that I can`t remember.

This is what I think is a leopard
It is very cute.
Around the back it is kind of whitish gray

This is an alligator.
I just couldn`t get the picture straight.

This turtle is massive.
I would say he is about the size of a child sized swimming pool.

This is a cheetah.
The animals make paths of worn down dirt where they are constantly pacing around.

This is a porcupine.
Do you think this is cute?

Last year when we went to this zoo we rode the train.
When we were coming back to the station the bars went down where the train crossed the walk way.  The bars keep the people from walking in front of the moving train. 
While the bars were coming down an old couple tried to make it through.
Bad idea.
One of the bars came down and hit the old lady in the head.
Call it cruel but I think it is funny.

These are the legoland pictures.

This is lego darth vader.
I couldn't get thepicture straight.
But it's still pretty neat.

This is me and my siblings with Artoo-deetoo.

This is the white house made out of legos.

In miniland U.S.A. they had these little buttons that you could push to make things move or play music or squirt water or something else.
The people in front of the white house would march and play music.
They also had cars that moved, boats that moved, people that moved - lots of moving.
I kind of know what makes them move.

More miniland.
I think that that is Miami beach.

That is New York city.
Lots of big buildings all made of legos.

This is the entrance welcome sign.  I am behind the "w."  Shelby is behind the "L."  Andie is in the "O."  Cole is on the "E."  Because his name is Cole -E-O.  We call him that anyway. 

Which makes me think of something.  While we were in Orlando my little cousin Keats was there.  Keats is 2.  Cole called him "Keatsey" and Keats called cole "Cole-E-O". 

 Back to the Lego land sign. Once again made of legos.

This is the Naples zoo in...Naples.

We went on a camel ride for our study of Egypt.
My little brother was sitting on me for the whole time.

This is a leapord.

While we were at the zoo we learned that there are no black panthers.
If I remember correctly it is a leapord.
So Baghera the panther from The Jungle Book is not real.
Pretty wierd isn't it.
All this time I thought there were black panthers.

These are honey badgers...
and they don't care.
My mom thinks they are adorable.
They walk with a prance and a hop.

This is a giraffes' head.
Look at that tongue.
How long do you think it is.

Welcome to Sea world.

This is the ride Journey to Atlantis.
Me and my sister Shelby rode it.
Let me tell you about shelby she won't even ride the baby rides.
I was nearly impossible to get her on it.
She was terrified and in tears.
We finally got her on it.
When it was was over I got slapped twice.
It was freaky.
This is Clde and Seamore take pirate island.
It even had a walrus.

This is the shamu show One Ocean.  There were some really wet people at that show.  We sat in the back & didn't get wet. 

Glad to be home,


  1. Love these pictures!! We had so much fun! Everyone here misses you guys!

    1. Thanks Momo. We miss you to. Thank you for sending us our charger and the cards and suckers.

  2. The lego land looks fun and so does seaworld! Glad you guys are back.


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