Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lake Patoka

We went on a vacation with our friends to Lake Patoka for about 3 days.  We went tubing, boating, we swam in the lake and even went to a cave.  We have pictures to so here they are.
This is me Andie and dad on a tube.
Tubing is lots of fun until you wipe out.
Then it is no fun.
My mom says falling off the tube is fun.

This is me and Shelby on the tube... couch... thingy.
We had a wipe out.
I was thrown off first and pretty much just fell in the lake and got water in my eyes and nose.
According to my mom Shelby did somersaults in the air and hit the lake with a,

This is cole wearing a life vest.
Does he look happy to you?

This is just something I did to a picture of Sophie.......

Now it's rock-Spot.
This is my mom and dad on a tube.
My mom was going to jump off but that backfired.
When she told my dad she was going to do that he put an arm across the tube and held on to a handle so she couldn't.
This is me and my dad sitting at a fire.
Now for pictures of us at Marengo Cave.

This is me posing to throw a penny on the penny ceiling.
Things stick to the ceiling because it is clay.
Some people threw keys and credit cards.
One lady threw her ring.
But they got it down.

This is some of the cave.

That is the penny ceiling.
Pretty neat right?
It was fun at the lake but it's good to be back.

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