Thursday, October 25, 2012

Deer hunting

My dad and I went deer hunting a few days ago on youth hunt.  While we were sitting there two yearlings and their mother come walking in.  The yearlings bent down to eat.  The mom was up looking and walking around.  I had a good shot at her and my dad told me to shoot her so I did.  She jumped and took off running, stumbling while she ran.  One of the yearlings dissapeared and the other one just ran a little and just stood there looking around.  I told my dad one of the younger deer was still there and to give another bullet.  I loaded my 243 with another single shot.  When I shot that one She just dropped to the ground.  We got the yearling easily.  The mom however.........  She was in the woods somewhere.  My dad found her and she was Huge.
My dad had to gut her to make her lighter so we could put her on the 4 wheeler.

This is me with both the deer I shot.

When we got home it was time to call friends and family to tell them I got a deer.....
And time to gut the deer...
It was late when we finished with the deer.
When we went inside I took a bath and had a sandwich.

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