Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I don't really know what to talk about.  So I guess I'll start blabbering.  Lets see.  We got the Christmas decorations out.  The outside of the house looks great.  I strung up tons of Christmas lights.  It isn't done yet so I need to finish.  But you will get pictures of it.  All we need to do is put up the tree at the pawn shop and at home.

All the deer have Santa hats on.
Very Christmas-y and funny.

If you look at the top you will se three little trees.
The little trees are the main decorations.
We can't put up too many decorations at the store because of all the motion detectors and alarms. 
Swinging decorations would set off the alarms.
Falling decorations would set off the alarms.
Spinning decorations would set off the alarms.
Moving decorations would set off the alarms.
 If the decorations move or fall - the alarm will go off.  The police will come. The alarm company will call Dad. Dad will be notified from his bed that there is movement in the store.  Then he will go to the store.  Everyone will be at the store to see the Christmas decorations on the ground. 
That would be funny.
My dad would not think it was funny.
So, that is why we don't have many decorations at the store. 

Another deer with a Santa hat and more trees.

The lone tree.
So sad.
Merry Christmas,

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