Thursday, March 27, 2014


We get to go to our grandparents house on Thursday.  HOORAY!!!  It has been too long.

We moved the baby chicks out to the barn.  Never again will I have chickens in the house.  It makes everything harder.  You have to be extra careful and clean up everything.  At the barn you give them food, water, and you are done.  Plus they stink.  Not fun.  They made the entire basement stink -  miserable, especially when the Wii is in the basement.  But I moved it upstairs.  We lost a Guinea.  Poor guy.  Here is a record of the chicks we lost and how they died.

About twelve (I lost count) were dying a slow death & I put them out of misery with my 22.
Loki  Got too wet and was hopeless.  Pulled head off.  ;(
Favio.  Got too wet and died
4 brown iso-something-or-others.  May have gotten Bronchitis.  Shot.
Lacy  Was sick and got shot.
2 Brahmas.  was sick and just died.
Bigfoot.  Got too wet and died next day.
Wellsummer.  Sick and got shot.
Honky the Gunea.  Just died for an unknown reason.

So sad,

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