Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday was yesterday! I am now 15 years old.  We also finished up music lessons yesterday too.  Pretty eventful day.  Oh yeah!  My sister had a softball game that day also.  But it was fn going to the ball park. 

We got four new chickens!  My mom's friend asked us if we would take some young chickens and naturally we obliged.  So on my birthday God gave me chickens!  Isn't that cool.  That night we put them with the other chickens.  They started exploring the coop and checking everything out almost instantly!  One of them kept trying to get out.  I got her back in though. 

We are currently trying to grow grass in the chicken yard so all the chickens are locked out.  They  get to range the whole farm now.  We put a motion detecting sprinkler in there too keep the chickens from eating the seed if they do get in there.

Guenevere is still afraid of people.  Goofy cow.  I like baby cows but no when they are like Gwen.  Nope.  If we want milk Gwen has to be separated form her mom at night.  OH yeah it's LOTS of fun running around the field trying to get the baby cow in her pen!  Not.


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