Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 We are going to Florida soon, the 25th.  Yay!!!  And this will probably be my last post between when we get back.  I will miss multiple things while we are gone.  I am thinking about posting when we get there.  Other than that you probably won't be hearing from me.  We are all very exited.  We are going to be eating a lot of fruit these days because we have a lot of uneaten fruit to eat.

Our plan to get to Florida is that we are going to our grandparent's house.  Then my mom's brother is meeting us there.  We will leave my mom's car at our grandparent's house.  We will get my moms car when we get back from Florida.

We got an awesome new cat.  You can read about him in one of my previous posts.  I was afraid my dad was going to shoot him dead while we are gone.  He said we needed to get rid of our new cat.  He said he wouldn't shoot the cat while we are gone but I think is is going to miraculously disappear while we are gone.  Oh well, it was nice knowing him.

When it is time to go to Florida I will sadly bid him farewell.


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  1. I'll miss your posts, but have fun in Florida! And sorry about your cat.


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