Saturday, June 23, 2012

New coop

We got a new chicken coop.  Actually it is 8 by 8 shed so I call it the chicken shed.  When we got it we spent some of the day in just playing in it until the cat barfed in it.  That pretty much ended our camp out.  Especially since he barfed up worms.  Parasites that is.  So we canned some of the worms and took him to the vet.  She gave our cats a pill to kill the worms.  So that's better.  Anyways,  We built the inside of the coop to make it suitable for chickens or monkeys.  The monkey exhibit was an accident.  So now the chickens are in their new coop.  Here are pictures of the chickens and the coop.
This is me with my chickens.
For some reason Cole always buttons his shirts all the way to the top.

For some reason Andie always has red eye.

This is Shelby when she conquered Spot - the evil pecking, broody chicken.  Shelby got an award at school for "gentleness" in May.  Dad told her she should give it back. 

This is all the broody hens crammed into one nesting box.  There are 12 nesting boxes.

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