Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby chickens

You know how we have those broody hens?  Well three of the eggs finally hatched.  The broody hens are Buff chicken, Krazi, Spot and Frizz.  None of Frizzes eggs have hatched but the others have.  We ordered Frizz some fertilized eggs.  Here are pics.

Here's Shelby's eye balls.

Mommy "Krazi" and one of her babies.
This is the chipmunk baby.  The other 2 are yellow.  He is gold, brown and tan. 

This is "Frizz." We tell my mom if she was a chicken she would look like Frizz.  Not because my mom is cranky.  Because my mom has big hair. 
See the resemblance?
This is what Frizz is thinking right now, "PECK, GRAB, PECK, DESTROY, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL"  If you get near her she pecks you, grabs your skin, and makes grown men jump and run. 
Everyone is afraid of Frizz. 

Cute baby chicks.

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