Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th Party

Yesterday, Saturday, we had a 4th of July party.  We had lots of people over. 
We had games, fireworks, and food.  It was fun.
This game is called Chicken Plop.  We built a fenced in area.  We drew squares inside it.  Then we released a chicken into the ring and which ever square it pooped in was the winner. 

Everybody got a ticket with a number on it.  I passed them out. 

This the chicken in the ring.  Her name is Sparky Jr. It walked around a bit. 

Everyone was either screaming at it to poop or go to another square. 
The chicken was just trying to figure out how to escape.

This game lasted about 15 seconds.  It was short because chickens poop every 5 seconds.

Sparky Jr. pooped in square 15.  Which was my square.  I won.  Yay.

This is chicken-foot ring-toss. 

You had to land the ring around the chicken foot. 

Here is a close-up.
Yes, these are real chicken feet from our meat chickens. 

After the games were fireworks. 
We went to bed after 11.  It was awesome.  I was totally exhausted.

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