Friday, July 13, 2012

Andie got baptised!

Last Sunday Andie got baptized.  It is exiting.  It all started on Saturday.  Dad and Mom asked her if she wanted to wait a week and Andie asked why she couldn't get baptized the next day.  Dad called the preacher and he said Andie would need to talk with Ms. Beth (the preacher's wife) first.  And they would fill the baptistry with water.  It did not happen at the morning service because our church has misplaced all the baptism gowns.  We brought a bathing suit.  Apparently you're not supposed to get baptized in bathing suits.   So it happened at the evening service.  Andie wore her kindergarten cap and gown without the cap.  Afterwards we went and got pizza.  Here are pictures.
This is Andie and my mom.
This is her getting baptized.
This is after.  As you can see she is wet.


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