Thursday, October 24, 2013

piggy death

Last Wednesday the pigs got sent to slaughter.  I helped corral the pigs into the trailer. It was muddy but pretty funny. The pigs didn't want to cooperate.  Porker didn't like being cooped up and Zorro was acting like an idiot.  Shelby and I stayed home. I wish I would have gone.  Here are some pictures.
Cole thought the trailer stank.
I thought it smelled like a farm.
It smelled good.
My mom took pictures of us in the trailer.
Cole still thought it stank.

This is the trailer.
Porker was 300 pounds on the nose.

The pigs had numbers spray painted on their backs so the butcher would know which pigs were ours.  There were 7 pigs delivered that same day.  They all had numbers.
Porker is # 6.
Zorro is #7.

This is our pigs with the other pigs.
Guess which are ours.

See you later

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