Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pet review

This is how lazy Scruffy is.
He doesn't care if you put a Chicken on him.
The only thing he is scared of is the 4-wheelers.
Though I gave him a ride once.
He is practically fearless.
This is Sophie.
She is scared by everything.
Except the dog.
She hates the dog.
If we got a second dog she would leave.
But she loves me.
And she is really sweet in the morning or at night.
Or when she is lonely.
This is Velvet.
Don't be fooled.
She is the BIGGEST Chicken cat ever.
I can barely get close to her without her bolting.
This is Champ.
He is the sweetest dog ever.
He wishes he was a lap dog.
But his size won't stop him from getting in your lap.
All of these chickens are dead.
Except for two.
The little one in the bottom left corner.
And the big black one still live.
The others' deaths are for another time.

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