Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I ate a train..... sort of.

Mom thought this was funny.  I thought it hurt.  Here's how it began.

The other night I was laying in bed eating an apple and listening to a CD.  (Yes this is a true story.)  The next thing I knew I ate a train.  Apparently I had fallen a sleep and had a pretty crazy dream.  So I ate a train and woke up around 6:30am, with the worst stomach ache ever.  It felt like my insides were eating themselves while parasites ate my insides while someone was punching me in the stomach.  Ouch.  So I laid there trying to survive.  Eventually it died down and I got a drink of water.  The water made me want to barf.  So I laid down on the floor of my room.  I heard Dad downstairs and went to see if he could help.  He gave me 2 Rolaids.  I still wanted to barf.  Then I asked mom.  I got to stay in my room all day.  Big fun.  And by last night I was 100% better.  Really.  Ask my Mom.

On another note,
Here is my deer story.

Dad and I were sitting in a deer stand when he saw a deer.  Then another one came in behind it.  Then another!  I couldn't stop shaking!  One of them saw us and was staring at us.  Dad said to go ahead and take a shot at one of the deer.  I hit one and destroyed it's shoulder!  It ran off.  The other two were still there!  I shot the other!  It took off running.  I could have killed the third one, but Dad said no.  When we found the first one I had to shoot it in the neck.  The other was already dead.  And guess what. I killed a mom and one of her Children again!  Cool right?  Oh yeah.  Dad said I have to gut the next one.  Oh boy.


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