Saturday, December 7, 2013


Deer season ended.  Sunday was the last day.  Dad and I went out on Sunday night.  It was cold. Very cold.  Then it happened.  Dad saw a deer. I couldn't see it but I could hear it.  Then I saw it.  We watched it and another one came in behind it.  Then another one! 

Three deer headed for the feeder.  The first and third ones started eating.  The second stood there and watched me and dad.  The second one, lets call it Sam.  Sam, kept watching us.  Dad said go ahead and get into position.  So very slowly I trained my gun on the third one.  BAM!  She took off running, stumbled and ran some more.  The other two were still there!  So I shot the one in front.  BAM!  She took off running.  I almost shot the third one, but dad said no.  It would have been to hard to get it to the house. 

We found the first one.  It wasn't dead so I had to shoot it through the neck.  Then we found the other.  She was already dead.  We got the 4-wheeler and gutted them.  I helped cut the skin off one.  Now dad just needs to get the meat off.


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