Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chicken slaughter umpteen

Well we just lost two more roosters to the death stick. (Gun)  Dad got the 22 rifle and bam! Bam!  two dead chickens.
I don't have pictures on this computer.
You should be able to find them somewhere on my blog.

Wayne was first.  Dad called him and Wayne came over like a good little chicken.  Then, BLAM!!
He is dead.  I didn't stay around to watch Teenyball get murdered.  So now I am VERY upset and I will NEVER see those chickens alive again.  I hate that part.  Hmmph.   Well, at least there is still Foghorn Leghorn and Shuck.  And 18 other hens.  Poor roosters.

The eggs are coming along good though.  Yay.  One time we got a whole dozen of green eggs.


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