Thursday, October 2, 2014


You all know Shuck right?

The little Bantam rooster with the attitude.  He chases ATVs.  Yes he does.  He has a habit of attacking the wheels.  He even attacked the go-kart. Yes the go-kart.  He runs up to you and starts cock fighting the wheel.  Funny and scary I know.

We recently had one of our cousins over for a few days.  Their moms' dad is not well so we got her for a few days.  It was fun.  She and Andie caught a turtle and a frog.  They painted the turtles' shell and named it "Shooting Star".  Yeah  The turtle has been set free now though so that's good.  The turtle was probably half dead when Andie let it go.  Poor turtle.  That turtle will probably turn up in about 2 years with a painted star on it's back.  We have had that happen before.  We found "Prince", Shelby's favorite turtle.  Cool right?  We have also caught the same possum twice in a trap.  That possum was ugly.  Ticks and mange and little bumps all over it's body.  Shelby named it "Lilly."  Barf!  It looked more like a Bruno.  Not a Lilly.  The second time we caught it I put it out of it's misery.

Guess what came through the pawnshop.  A ninja sword.  Oh Yeah!  And now it is mine!  It has four hidden knives and the sword.  Pretty cool.  Even has a sheath.  although it is near impossible to get it out of the scabbard (I guess you would call it that).  But it is still awesome.  For Halloween I'm probably to old so I think I am going to wear the sword, jeans, and a shirt that I am going to get that says, "Will be quiet for $100.  Will be awesome for free."  Pretty cool.


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