Tuesday, January 13, 2015


-1. It was -1 degrees at eight o clock.   The best part?  Our heater is broken. Joy. So now there is a fire in the fire place. The only place with heat is the basement. And my room. Lucky me. I don't have to freeze to death at night now.

When I went to let my chickens out this morning their water was completely frozen. The whole way through. Shelby has to break up crumples water with a shovel. She can't just dump it over like I do. Her water tank is 100 gallons.

I don't know how the cats do it.  They have to live outside in the freezing weather. Then again there are those thick coats.

Wrong picture. 

There we go. 
I think that would keep you warm outside in this weather. 
Last year the cats huddled together in a one cat bed. 
Stay warm. 

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