Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The chronicles of Duke No.1

W have a basset hound named Duke.  He has a very limited vocabulary.  It consists of, "Hi. My name's Duke."  "Cheese!"  "Poor me!"  And sometimes, "Evil cheese!"  Shelby is working on a post kind of like this but I started this last night and she copied me.


Duke has this stuffed pig.  He loves the pig.  He got it for Christmas and it has only lost an ear.  That is a pretty good run for a well loved dog toy.  He'll do about anything for the pig.  Like play ice skater.  Tee Hee.  He can barely get a grip on the laminate flooring in the kitchen.  He likes to chase the pig.  Put that together and what do you get?  Hours of entertainment.  Who needs I pads?  We have a dog.  This one time my little brother threw the pig too close to Duke's water bowl.  BLAM!!  Water and dog are everywhere.  My little brother got to clean that up.  It's pretty funny.


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