Tuesday, March 31, 2015


We now have three ducks running around the chicken yard.  Ping, Sonny, and Filbert.  Or as my mom called her, Gizzard.  So now the duck is eternally Gizzard.  If you read my sisters blog you will see that she has to give the ducks water.  Which my chickens drink.  So I don't have to give the chickens water....  Happy dance!  So Shelby is ticked.  She was told that she would only have to give them water twice a week.  I said twice a day.  I was pretty close.  So now that there are three ducks they will consume 50% more water than usual.  Do the math.  It works.  So guess what?  We got pools.  Little kiddie pools for the ducks.  Son now Shelby doesn't have to haul a 15lb. drinker to the coop, and the ducks get a pool to, poop, swim, splash, poop, and drink in.  Happy ducks.  Here are some duck pics.

I have decided that the ducks scream everything.
They do!


The chickens checking out the pools.

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