Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The coop

If you are  wondering what happened to my big chickens you are now going to find out. We built a coop with wheels for them.  The coop weighs about 9000 pounds.  With the wheels my 3 year old brother can move it.  My dad is a genius.  Here's what it looks like.
 This is their home.  If you look closely you can find my head. 
 This is the inside of their home.  It has 6 chickens in it.  2 Roosting bars.  Food and water (for standing and pooping in) :p and a nesting area. 
My mom says it's a chicken resort.  Soon it will be a 14 chicken resort.  They are going to be free range chickens. They will only be in the coop at night. I have to go feed my chickens.


  1. Must've took some work to make. I like the first picture.

  2. Hey! It's your birthday! Happy birthday buddy!


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