Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Manure

I was thinking about when we went to my mom's friend Sonya's farm to help her clean out her barn.  Mrs. Sonya has about 200 goats.  That is a lot of manure.  While we were there we made up another song about poop.  "I scoop, you scoop, we all scoop goat poop."  Sounds a little familiar.

So all of our plants are now drowning in a mixture of too much rain and lots of poo.  Happy plants.

And - Happy Sunday - one week till Easter. Today is the Lord's day.



  1. Keep working on scooping poop, Parker! :) This is a cool blog you have here.


  2. Haha, nice song! I'm glad we don't have to do that. :P
    Today's Palm Sunday, right? :)
    Nice blog!


    P.S. sorry if my comments are sorta rambly. That's just how I am sometimes. I just jump from one thing to the next. haha!


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