Thursday, April 7, 2011

moving to the country.

My name is Parker. I moved to the country with my family two years ago. I like it here,Iam a kid. I have a dog,she is a lemon beagle,her name is Dusty. She is very cute and non obedient.I also have six chickens. They are around six weeks old and my mom thinks they look like they have cancer. My two sisters have six cats.  I have a little brother who likes trucks.  He named one of my chickens "Truck" and named one of the cats "John Deere." 

Stay tuned,  I will soon have more posts about country life.


  1. hi! parker its lily i really like your post sounds like your life in the farm is really fun!!! (tus pollos son blancos o amarillos??)

  2. Dear Parker,
    Love the Blog..your writing is excellent!
    Looking forward to your journey with the chickens and maybe some gardening tips??
    Many, many blessings,
    Aunt/cousin/family- Janet(jannut)

  3. This is awesome:

    "She is very cute and non obedient.I also have six chickens..."

  4. Love your blog Parker! Can't wait to see more, and I really like seeing the pictures. The chickens are awesome!

    Love you,

  5. Hay Parker it's ure cuz Jonathan rue stuff is awsome


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