Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clowning around.

This post is about pictures of my little sister.   It is what she was for Halloween.  I know that Halloween was a month ago, but I am just getting around to finishing this post.  Sorry.  Here is the story.  We all wanted Mom to dress up for Halloween.  She usually goes as Mom.  Since my mom is awesome; she was going to dress up for Halloween.  She was going to be a clown.  Mom had all her clown clothes laying on her bed and was getting ready to put them on.  That's when I saw them and put them on.  When Mom saw me she loved it & asked if I wanted to be a clown and she would paint my face.  I said "No."  I said that because I have been through the face painting experience and I never want to do that again  Then my little sister put it on.  She's never had the face painting experience.  After much changing of mind, we finally got Andie to be a clown.  Oh did I mention the overalls?  There were big overalls with the costume and big pink tractor supply logoified boots.  You want to know what kind of overalls?  OK.  They were maternity overalls.  They were way to big. She couldn't walk.  But she wore them anyway.  Here are the pictures.  And a made up discussion.
"May I have your picture?"  "No."
"Please?"  "No."

"Just one?"   "OK."

"How about two?"
"Helooooooo. How`s this?"
Hope you liked the pictures.

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