Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chicken names.

This is about chicken names.  Not just any chickens.  My families chickens.  I am going to try to put this as a story.  There once were 7 little chickens who lived in their coop in the forrest with Snow White.  Their names were :  Curly, Chubby, Blacky, Goldie, Droopy, Poopy and Polly. 

We also have 3 chickens named after a band called "the Time" that my dad knows about.  Their names are:  Jessie, Gerome and Morris the chickens.

There are 11 more names which are:  Pigeon, Pat, Red, Spot, Spark, Sally, Crow, Buff Chicken, Krazy 2, Krazy 3,  Krazy Jr. and Lacy.  Was that 12?  Krazy 3 and Krazy Jr. are the same chicken. 

Why these names?  Well, my dad named Jessie, Gerome and Morris.  Andie named Sally.  Shelby named Spark.  I named the rest.

Poopy looks like someone pooped on his back.
Pigeon looks like a Pigeon.
Crow is Black.
Blacky is black.
Lacy is also black, but her feathers are pretty and make her look like she is covered in lace. 
Pat was thought to be a girl so I named him Pat.
Red is gloss- red and black and maybe some white.
Krazy 2 is the second krazy.
Krazy 3 is the 3rd Krazy.
Krazy Jr is the same chicken as Krazy 3
Buff Chicken used to be Goldie but is now named after a cat "Buff Kitty" because they are the same color.  Can you guess what the color is?  Buff. 
Droopy was named this because she droops.
Curly is a rooster with a curly tail.
Spot is spotty on one side white on the other.
Chubby Cheeks looks like she has fat cheeks.
Goldie is gold and has had a name change to Sally.

Our chickens have too many names and they change too often. 


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