Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last week we decorated the house with Christmas decorations.  We decorate when my dad goes to deer camp.  He only goes once a year.  So on Saturday we decorated the house.  We started after breakfast.  It was a disaster.  It looked like the basement exploded.  By the time my mom carried the last box up the house had decorated itself.  Or at least what that's what she said happened.  She told dad that she used to get out the video camera and videotape us.  "Not this year mom, we have better things to do - like, decorate the house."  There was a lot of afterward cleaning up to do.  Then I decided that I would try to hang Christmas lights.  That was a disaster too.  So we did it the next day.  So according to my mom, the house decorated itself. I don`t think that`s what happened.  Here are pictures of the house.

Pretty balls on the table.

Our fire place.

This is the desk in the school room.

This is a nativity set.

This is another nativity set.

Joseph and Mary up close.

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