Friday, March 23, 2012

Lost chickens

Last night my dad went to do the chickens.  There was only a few minutes of daylight left.  When he got there the babies were all under the coop except for one, she was in the garden.  The baby chickens are at the stage when they can squeeze through the fence into the garden.  So he caught the little chickens and stuck them in the coop.  He did not see any big chickens anywhere.  He started calling and calling them because he thought they were in the woods.  The reason he thought this is because he heard a lot of noise in the woods.  It didn't sound chickens he said.  So he called my mom and told her the story.  We were on our way home from our grandparents house.  Dad said he would keep looking for the big chickens.  It was about 8:30 and almost dark.  I was not happy and praying in the back of mom's van.  About ten minutes later Dad called my mom back and said that the big chickens were all on the roosting bars in the top of the coop the whole time.  When we asked him how he didn't see them up there.  He said that when he put the nine baby chickens in the coop they never said a word.  So he didn't think they were in there.  The noise from the woods was probably coyotes is what he said. 

I was very glad that all my chickens were safe.

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