Thursday, March 29, 2012

Science center

The other day we went to the Louisville science center.  It was really fun.  They had a training capsule used to teach astronauts how to fly in space.  We all got in it,  One at a time that is.  We also watched an Imax movie called Animalopolis.  That' a mouth full.  They had a special area for kids 7 and under.  Luckily Shelby and I were allowed in.  They had a huge airplane that we played in.  It had real airplane seats in it and lots of nobs and switches in the cockpit.  There was even a bus with a real bus dashboard and money collector.  It was cool.  There were 4 floors.  A guitar museum was on the first floor.  It was last thing we saw.  We should have brought the camera because there were lots of great photo opportunities.  Like Andie wearing a nurses outfit and cap.  Have you ever seen that scrunchy hat nurses wear?  She had one on.  She looked like she was going to bed in little house on the praire.  It was funny.


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